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“Taking Advantage of the Latitude” Revealed My Absurdness and Ignorance


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“Taking Advantage of the Latitude” Revealed My Absurdness and Ignorance

One day, in the man’s fellowship attached to Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, I read a word: “The church does not interfere with anyone’s legitimate marriage.” I thought: Now I’m faced with the choice of marriage. The other party is eligible in all respects; he has several times proposed marriage to me through my family, and said that if I agree he will join me in believing in God. Won’t that be complete in both respects? Since God’s family does not interfere with anyone’s marriage, and God never lets man observe regulations, I may promise him.

When I was about to promise the other party, I came across this passage in the man’s fellowship: “It can be said that, concerning all key issues, God’s word has given explicit directions and people can directly understand God’s will. … God never gives people a dead regulation or restriction for them to observe, because observing regulations cannot bring them the transformation of their life nature. The result God’s work aims to achieve is for people to understand the truth so that they can do things by principles. Therefore, if one understands God’s will, he should pay attention to understanding the truth. Only if he truly understands the truth can he do things by principles. Only those who do things by principles are the ones who practice the truth. For example, what should people do if their unbelieving husband hinders them from performing duty? Although God does not directly say divorce is permitted, he does not say it is forbidden either. God, however, requires people to be faithful to him, be obedient to him, and contribute their part to the spreading of his work. From this, people can understand what God’s deep meaning is. God never forces people to do this or do that; he only lets them make their own choice. Hence, some chose the truth and chose to love God, and they received God’s approval. Those who did not know to care for God’s heart did not understand God’s meaning and thus chose the path of non-truth, and eventually they were rejected by God.”

After reading this passage, I felt as if awakening from a dream. Am I not one who is about to choose the path of non-truth? God gave man a free will, letting man make his own choice in everything; God hopes that in the things man encounters man can, in his word, seek his will and seek the truth and the principle of practice, thereby making a wise choice. God’s word has already said that man’s fleshly family will ultimately be broken up by God, and that man cannot possibly succeed in pursuing the truth unless he gives up all his fleshly entanglements. However, in the matter I encountered, I did not seek God’s will but always wanted to avoid God’s word. I actually used “God does not give man regulations to observe in anything” as an excuse for my not seeking and choosing the truth, and hardened my heart to go my own way. Moreover, I took a word in the fellowship out of context and took advantage of the latitude, intending to choose the path of non-truth to satisfy my fleshly desire, yet I thought that God permitted me to do so. I was really too unreasonable! When God lets man not observe regulations in anything, God means to let man, according to his real environment, seek how to free himself from his fleshly entanglements to pursue the truth and better satisfy God, and does not mean to let man seek how to better satisfy his flesh. However, I, in order to pamper and indulge my corrupt flesh, understood God’s requirement absurdly. I do not have any element of loving the truth or pursuing the truth at all. If I should follow my flesh and choose marriage and family, I would fall right into satan’s schemes. At that time, I would live in the afflictions of satan, unable to extricate myself, and eventually I would surely have myself ruined. That would be too terrible!

O God! Thank you that your timely inspiration has stopped my steps toward fall and made me see my corruption and absurdness. O God! Facing your kind intention of saving man, I do not want to be a conscienceless person to grieve your heart anymore. From now on, I will eat and drink your word more, pursue to understand your will, have your heart as my heart in everything, choose according to your will and requirement, and be a person who has conscience and sense and who practices the truth, so as to satisfy you.

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