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My Life Feels Empty, What Should I Do?

In today’s world, people rush around and busy themselves with the pursuit of money, prestige and profit. As the pace of life becomes ever more hectic, people’s lives become increasingly empty and tormented. So how ought we to approach this overly-busy, high-paced modern lifestyle?

A Christian’s Story: How to Completely Free Oneself From Gaming Addiction Is No Longer a Difficult Question

When the Christian Yangying was 16 years old, he became infatuated with online gaming. He would often skip class and stay up all night to play games, he abandoned his studies, his health deteriorated, and this continued after he had left school and started work. Yangying tried many times to think of a way to stop playing online games, but each time he ended in failure. Only after he started believing in God and under the guidance of God’s words was he gradually able to free himself from his gaming addiction of more than ten years and find the right goals and direction to pursue. So how did Yangying free himself from his gaming addiction? Let’s take a walk together through the story of how he quit his addiction.

Who Is the Main Culprit Causing Depression?

In recent years, depression has snuck into our lives, affecting more and more people. Many are tormented by this disease—some lose their hope in life and live in pain, and some even lose their courage to go on living, choosing to commit suicide to end their own lives. Why is it that people experience depression? How should we deal with it, and how can we get out of the trap of depression?

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