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Gospel Reader

I Saw God’s Almightiness and Sovereignty


In performing my duty, I could often see God’s almightiness and sovereignty. I remember that once my work partner and I went to convey God’s present intention to two sisters. Hardly had we started our fellowship when one of the sisters said, “Our meeting can’t last long. I have to leave at half past ten. My home is far and I have to walk one hour and a half to get home. And when I get home I have to fetch my grandson.” As a result, when God’s intention was half fellowshipped, that sister wanted to leave. She said, “My daughter-in-law is very harsh. Last time I went home late and nobody went to fetch my grandson, so she gave me a good scolding.” Seeing that the sister was in a quandary, I had no place for God in my heart, and I said to her, “Then you may leave first. If your daughter-in-law discovers you are out again this time, you cannot come out next time.” But when she had just stepped out, the sister became somewhat hesitating. She wanted to listen for a little while longer but was afraid of getting home late; she was in a dilemma. At that moment, my work partner said, “God will arrange everything! This fellowship is about God’s present intention. He who can keep up with God’s present intention will have ways to practice. If you miss it, you’ll suffer loss in your life.” The sister stood there praying silently for a minute, and then returned to the room and sat down again. When we finished our fellowship, it was already past twelve at noon, late for the sister to fetch her grandson. Unexpectedly, the sister said then, “I’ve committed all this to God! I don’t worry much about that. Today, I’ll have lunch here and leave everything aside until after I return home….”

Before long, I met the sister again. I immediately asked her how things were going with her family that day and whether her daughter-in-law made things difficult for her after she got home. The sister said happily, “Thank the Almighty God! God had early arranged the matter well. That day my daughter came to visit me. When she had just arrived at the gate of my house she met my grandson coming back from school. My grandson said to her, ‘Grandma’s out. Let me lead you to my home!’ My daughter cooked the meal for him, so my daughter-in-law found nothing different. God arranged everything properly for me!”

After hearing that I was greatly moved. I saw God’s almightiness and that all matters and all things are in God’s hand; at the same time, I felt very ashamed for my ignorance of God’s almightiness. At the time I remembered God’s word, “‘All matters and all things are in God’s hand.’ You do experience this word and see if it is true in everything.” By arranging that matter for the sister, God hoped that she could forsake her flesh to cooperate with him so that she could see God’s almightiness and her faith would increase. But because I lacked faith in God, I showed consideration for the sister’s flesh. Didn’t I do harm to her? Thank God for his guidance. It had enabled the sister to forsake her flesh and made us see God’s almightiness.

From then on, I dare not care for others’ flesh again. I often warn myself not to safeguard the interests of man’s flesh anymore, but to care for God and seek God’s intention in everything. Only in this way can I see God’s almightiness and God’s great love for man in practical life.