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Gospel Reader

I Saw God’s Almightiness by Faith


When I first chose to leave home to perform my duty in God’s family, my husband did odd job in Shenyang. Because my child was too young and I couldn’t leave her alone at home, I decided to take her to Shenyang to my husband’s care and then look for a chance to go away.

During the three days I stayed in Shenyang, however, I could not find a chance to leave her to my husband as she always kept close to me. The fourth day, without my consent, my husband bought me the return trip ticket. Then I became worried. I called out to God, “O God! I don’t know what to do. If I cannot leave my child here, after going back I won’t be able to perform my duty at all. May you help me and open up a way for me. I’m willing to do my best to cooperate with you.” Although I had committed the matter to God, my husband still took me and my child onto the train in time. At that time, I felt there was not any hope to leave the child to my husband. Suddenly, I remembered the hymn from God’s word “You Need to Have Faith in Trials”, “In the situation when you cannot sense or see anything, you need to have faith. In the things you cannot see with your fleshly eyes, you need to have faith. When you cannot drop your notions, you need to have faith. When you cannot understand God’s work, you need to have faith. When you are suffering, you need to have faith. When you are being refined, you need to have faith. Only by faith can you see God. If you have faith, God will perfect you.” It was the guidance of the Holy Spirit! I immediately prayed to God, “O Almighty God! I believe that you rule over everything, and all people, matters, and things are in your hand. Now, I can do nothing about my situation. I only wish to put myself in your hand for you to control as you please, because you are my faith and strength.” After I prayed to God, my heart quieted down, and then I fell asleep on the sleeping berth.

I didn’t know how long it had passed when a hubbub of voices woke me up. Half awake, I heard someone saying, “Call the conductor and ask him what’s wrong. The earlier trains have left, so have the later ones. Why has this train still not departed?” At that moment, I did not realize what was happening. Later, I heard the conductor’s voice, “Passengers, I’m very sorry to announce that there’s something wrong with the railway ahead. It’s still not known if the train can depart today. You may go to the ticket office to return your tickets.” On hearing these words, I suddenly fully awoke and jumped with joy, “O God! Your hand manipulates everything! It is your deed that the train can be stopped. You’re opening a way out for me. For my sake, you have even prevented the journey of hundreds of people. I thank you! And praise you!” With tears, I got off the train with my child. After hearing my account for our return, my husband was puzzled and felt it inconceivable, “That’s strange. For so many years, I have not ever heard of such a thing.”

The next morning, I left Shenyang alone by train while the child was asleep. Through experiencing this matter, I tasted this: When God arranges circumstances for a person, he needs to have faith to cooperate with God; man’s end is God’s start; only by faith can one see God’s almighty deeds.