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I Tasted the Authority of God’s Word


Money was my “lifeblood.” I believed in Jesus for years, but I did not change my view. After I accepted the Almighty God’s work of judgment and chastisement in April 2002, the desire to earn money still clung to my heart. I always wanted to leave God and return to the dazzling world to have a good enjoyment again. Although I had read God’s words, “Since you believe in God, you should submit to God’s arrangement in everything and obey all God’s work … Some people want to run away when they see that God’s words have not been fulfilled. Whoever wants to run away may run away right now. No one will restrict you! You may have a try and run away and see if you can run away. Even if you run away, you will have to turn back. God controls you by his word. You cannot live if you leave the church and leave God’s word. If you do not believe this, you may experience it. Do you think that you can leave as you like? God’s Spirit controls you, and you cannot leave. This is God’s administration!,” I did not truly believe these words in my heart, and I still bought a truck, planning to make money by transporting coal.

Before long, while I was out driving my truck, I saw three coal trucks collided with each other and six people were killed on the spot. Seeing such a scene, I was very fearful in my heart. The more fearful I was, the more troubles would come. On the way home, the gearbox and the rear axle of my truck both went wrong. The purchase of the replacements alone cost me more than 2,400 yuan. How could such a problem have occurred to my new truck? At that moment, I thought of God: Is this God’s warning to me? But it was just a thought, which passed quickly. Although I acknowledged that all things are in God’s hand, I was still unwilling to withdraw from the world. After staying at home for a few days, I decided to try another trip. On July 5, I ventured to go out with the truck again. I did not expect that my helper would come to blows with the people in the coal yard. Both sides were badly battered. I sent two seriously injured men to the hospital for treatment. This time, it cost me more than 3,000 yuan. The words “see if you can run away” echoed in my ears from time to time. The next day, I went fearfully to get my truck, only to find that three tires were cut by someone and the truck could not move. After I reported the case to the local police station, the person who did the cutting was caught. But he was a penniless man with a mad wife at home, unable to pay me a cent. Now I completely gave up my desire.

Through the “bitter experiences” of this period, I realized that God was disciplining me. God had not left me; he could not bear to see me falling into satan’s trap. If God had not arranged such circumstances, I really could not have come out of my desire to earn money. Then I prostrated myself completely: “O Almighty God, your discipline is a great grace and keeping for me. In the presence of the facts, I have seen that your word embodies your nature majestic and intolerant of man’s offense, and that your every word will be fulfilled and accomplished. In the past, I was foolish and ignorant and did not believe your words, and I always tried to leave you, disobeying you again and again. Yet, you have not left me and you still love me so. O God, I thank you. I will never run away again. I am willing to obey your manipulation, for all things are in your hand. I will accept your kingdom exercise in a down-to-earth manner, for I have seen the power and authority of your word.”