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The Almighty God Improved My Literacy Quality


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The Almighty God Improved My Literacy Quality

When I had just accepted the work of the Almighty God, the church assigned me to lead a few people to have meetings. At that time, I was willing to accept the commission. But every time we had the meeting, I would feel very worried because I always read God’s word in a halting. I remember that when at school, I hated to read aloud and would rather be made by the teacher to keep standing as a punishment than read the texts aloud. Usually when my family received a letter and my mother asked me to read it to her, I only told her its main points and never read for her; and having no choice, she had to go to someone else for help. So, as I was very poor in this aspect and also as my vanity was quite strong, I always felt restrained by this matter and could not quiet my heart in the meetings.

Just when I was passive because of that and wanted to back out, God’s word inspired me. God says: “You should enter into God’s word in an orderly way. Do not be in disorder. That’s not good. You should enter in from the shallowest words and take them to read sentence by sentence, until you’ve understood and been clear about them. Every brother or sister should at the very least be able to read. Don’t read them carelessly or go through the motions.” Then I read these words of God: “Those who lead the church should be able to lead all the brothers and sisters to know how to eat and drink God’s word. This is the responsibility of everyone who leads the church. Everyone, whether old or young, should take eating and drinking God’s word seriously and have God’s word in his heart. If you have entered into this reality, you have entered into the Age of the Kingdom.” These two passages of God’s word pointed out to me a way to practice and at the same time gave me faith and strength. I pondered carefully: What God does now is the work of word. God uses his word to expose man’s corruptions, uses his word to chastise and judge man’s disobedience, and uses his word to transform man and perfect man. God’s word is the truth, the way, and the life. If I’m unwilling to read God’s word, how can I understand God’s present intention? And how can I gain the truth and the life? Besides, today God has given me this burden, and if I do not try my best to practice reading God’s word, then how can I complete God’s commission to me? Thinking of that, I had strength all over and made up my mind to forsake myself, drop my vanity, and overcome this difficulty.

Then I practiced reading God’s word whenever I was free. I read by day, and I read by night. And I also prayed to God to help me. After a period of practice, I finally could read God’s word smoothly. And before the brothers and sisters, I was no longer restrained by my vanity. The more I read the word of God, the more enlightened I felt, and the more I understood God’s intentions; and I also gained more and more truths. Thank the Almighty God. It is God’s word that has changed me; it is God’s word that has improved my literacy quality. To the practical, incarnated God be the glory!

Xin Li

Dezhou City, Shandong Province

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