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The Almighty God Is My Support


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The Almighty God Is My Support

I am a young sister. Because my parents and elder brother and sister-in-law all disbelieve in God, every time I got home from performing my duty, I would suffer their abuses and beatings. So, I was very desirous in my heart that I could break away from this power of darkness and freely perform my duty in God’s family like other brothers and sisters. Under the sway of this thought, I finally ran away from home to perform my function of watering new believers in a second-line team.

When I was performing my duty energetically, the leader said to me: “Because you haven’t gone home in these months, your family are now causing the church trouble. God’s family assigns you to go back to maintain security.” Upon these words, I seemed to be given a blow on the head, and instantly the former scenes of my being beaten and abused floated before my eyes…. No! I can’t go home! In the past, I was away from home for one or two days and I suffered that persecution. This time I left without telling my family and have been out for three months. How will they treat me? They will beat me to death. Or they will hand me over to the public security bureau. By then it will be very difficult for me to come out again. At a loss what to do, I fell down before God: “O God, I am really very afraid now. I don’t know what situation I will be faced with after I get home. From my heart I don’t want to go back to that devilish home again, but I even less want to bring any trouble to the church. May you lead me.” After I prayed, God’s words with power and authority rang in my ears: “Quiet your hearts at any moment and live in me. I am your rock and your support. Don’t take any other view. Come to rely on me wholeheartedly, and I will surely appear to you. I am your God!” “You should know that all the surrounding circumstances have my permission and are being arranged by me. See this clearly. Satisfy my heart in the circumstances I’ve given you. Don’t fear this or that. The Almighty God of hosts will surely be with you. He will be your rear guard and shield.” God’s words made me strong and courageous. Yes! Having God with me and as my support, what am I afraid of? All the surrounding circumstances are permitted by God. Whether I will be beaten after I go back and whether I can come out again later, isn’t all this in God’s hand?

God’s words gave me strength and courage to go home. After returning home, by the wisdom God gave me I told my family that I had been working at odd jobs elsewhere. I did not expect that they should all believe it, neither abusing me nor beating me. I could not help but thank and praise God for his wonderful deeds from the bottom of my heart. Just two days after I got home, my younger sister, who worked far away in Guangzhou, called home. Knowing that I was at home, she asked me if I’d like to go to work in her place and said I could go there at once if I’d like to. Hearing that, I knew it was the way out God made for me, so I promised her I would. But, my family got a person of my age to go with me, and moreover, they sent my elder brother to escort us and keep watch on me. After arriving in Guangzhou, I told my sister the reason why I went to her place and the unprecedented advance of God’s work; and I got her support. (She also believed in the Almighty God before; she left home to do odd jobs only because she could not stand the suffering of being persecuted.) After she had arranged for my companion to work in the factory, she gave me money and saw me aboard the return train. After I got off the train, I immediately threw myself into performing my duty. My leaving home this time would not bring any trouble to God’s family.

Now, I sigh with deep feeling. Reflecting on this experience, I see God’s great power and wisdom. Even more, I have received God’s care and keeping for me. By relying on God, I have not only escaped the persecution from my family and safeguarded the interests of God’s family, but have come back to God’s family safely from a thousand miles away. At this very moment, I am melted by God’s love: “O God! I am willing to dedicate my whole life to you, for only you are my support. From now on, I will rely on you to experience all kinds of circumstances and trials.”

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