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The Almighty God Is Our Backing


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The Almighty God Is Our Backing

Not long ago, in one of the small districts within my working area arose an incident of evil spirits deceiving people, and even some church leaders and second-line members were involved in it. When I learned this news, I immediately assigned the small-district leaders and their assistants to go separately to the churches to try to save the deceived brothers and sisters. However, because the deceiver had been a big leader in the Age of the Grace, the brothers and sisters in the churches had always looked up to her, and now after deceived by her, they were not willing to meet us, let alone listen to our fellowship. Four to five days passed; though we had made many efforts, we achieved no results. The number of the deceived brothers and sisters was increasing and the area involved was enlarging. Confronted with this situation, I felt quite helpless. What shall I do? It seems impossible to save these deceived brothers and sisters. Alas! Why has this happened to me? Is it that I am unfit for use and God is exposing me? … I lived in the difficulty and was full of misunderstandings and complaints about God.

With no way out, I had to come before God to seek and look to him time after time. One day, I read God’s words: “God’s nature is what the ruler of the living beings among all things possesses and is what a Creator possesses. His nature represents honor, power, nobleness, greatness, and even more supremacy. His nature is a symbol of authority, a symbol of all righteousness, a symbol of all beauty and good, and even more a symbol that he cannot be overpowered or attacked by any hostile power or darkness and a symbol that he cannot (and is not to) be offended by any created being. His nature is a symbol of the supreme power. No person or persons can or may disturb his work and his nature.” God’s words, like a beam of strong light, illuminated me who was in darkness, and made me have confidence and strength immediately. Yes, God is a symbol of the highest authority; no evil spirit or false christ can disturb or destroy God’s work. Today, with the Almighty God as my backing, what do I have to fear? Thank God that his words enlightened me in time, so that I found my real support in the predicament. Then, I ate and drank these words of God together with the small-district leaders. We looked to God and committed the matter to God in one accord, and then we went separately to the churches to fellowship…. Gradually, the deceived brothers and sisters gained the knowledge of the vision of God’s work and also discerned the substance of the deceiver. At last, they returned to God’s family one after another.

Seeing all that, I gave heartfelt thanks and praises to God: O Almighty God, you are so great! In this experience, I have truly realized that you are my only support and my strong backing. You are forever victorious; no hostile force or dark force can disturb or destroy your work. O God, thank you for having prepared this great feast for me. In future, I will rely on you, look to you, and walk by you in everything.

Zhang Jing

Sanming City, Fujian Province

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