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Chapter 43. The Basic Sense Which Man Ought to Possess

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Chapter 43. The Basic Sense Which Man Ought to Possess

After humans are conquered by God, the basic attribute of sense they should display is a lack of arrogance in speech. The best they should do is to assume a lowly status, “as dung upon the ground,” and speak practically. Especially when witnessing God, if you can say something of substance from the heart, with no empty or tall talk, no fictitious lies, then your disposition will have changed and that’s the change that should happen when you’ve been conquered by God. If you can’t possess even this amount of sense, then you are truly inhuman. When all nations and regions are conquered by God in the future, if at a huge gathering in praise of God, you begin to act arrogant again, then you’ll be scrapped and eliminated. In the future you must always behave properly, recognize your status and position, and not relapse into your old ways. Satan’s image most classically manifests in human hubris. Without changing this aspect of yourself, you will never appear human and will always possess the visage of Satan. Having knowledge in this area won’t be enough to obtain the complete change. You will need to endure multiple refinements. Without being dealt with and pruned, in the long run, you will still be subject to danger. In the future, when foreigners join in and say: “We have been enlightened, God has gained a band of overcomers in China,” when you hear this, you will think: “We realize we have nothing to brag about, all is given by God’s grace. We don’t deserve to be called overcomers.” Over time, as you start to see yourself being able to say something, and you start to hear that foreigners from here and there are gaining enlightenment, then you will ponder: “Exactly, this is how the Holy Spirit enlightens, we know more than the foreigners, so we should be deemed overcomers!” You will silently permit this acknowledgment in your hearts now, and you will no doubt make a public acknowledgment later on. Humans cannot stand being praised and being tested by status. If you are always being praised, you will soon meet with ruin.

To prevent you from sliding into your old ways, first you must recognize that your disposition hasn’t changed, your God-betraying nature is deeply rooted and has yet to be removed; you are still in danger of betraying God. You face the constant possibility of perdition. There are three other major points: First, you haven’t known God. Second, your disposition hasn’t changed. Third, you have yet to attain a human image, you are the lowest among good people; everyone should clearly understand this point. Everyone should be prepared with one motto, have it engraved or written: “I am the devil,” or “I often fall into my old ways.” Or “I’m always in danger,” or “I am the dung upon the ground.” Maybe warning yourself with these words all the time will have some effect but most importantly you have to read more of God’s words and understand your nature. Only by achieving real change will you be safe. Another thing is to never take the position of one who is a witness of God. You should only speak of personal experience. You may speak about how God saved you, commune on how you were conquered by God and what grace He gave you. Don’t forget you’re the most deeply corrupted people, you’re manure and garbage. Only through God have you been promoted. Because you’re the most corrupted, most filthy, He became flesh for your salvation and bestowed upon you such enormous grace. Therefore you have nothing worth bragging about and can only praise God, thank God. Your salvation is purely due to God’s grace. Why is it said that you are the luckiest people? You are lucky not because you have certain advantages or good qualities. You’re lucky because you were born in China and were corrupted and defiled by Satan the most. Therefore, God went about His management plan first making a group of exemplary models out of those from the most corrupted and filthy place. So He found you. If God hadn’t planned in this way, you would have perished forever. This is why you can say you’re the luckiest, but this is nothing to be proud of, and certainly not something to brag about. When you bear witness to God, you should mainly talk more about how God judges and chastises people, what trials He uses to refine humans and change humans’ disposition, how much you have endured, how much rebellion and corruption within you has been revealed, and in what ways you have resisted God. Then you can talk about how you were eventually conquered by God and how you should repay God. Put substance into this kind of language, put it in a simple way, and don’t talk about empty theories. Speak of substance, speak from the heart, that’s enough for you to experience. Don’t prepare empty theories with great apparent depth as embellishment. This would seem too arrogant and senseless. Speak more of truths from practical experiences in reality, of the words from your heart. Those are what benefit people the most and are most appropriate for people to be exposed to. You used to be the worst opponents of God, the most disobedient to God, but today you’ve been conquered, never forget that. Matters of this nature require diligent reflection. Think long on these things, lest you commit more shameless and senseless acts.

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