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The Communication Articles on Life Experience Are So Helpful to Me


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The Communication Articles on Life Experience Are So Helpful to Me

After God’s family compiled the communication articles on life experience into books and distributed them to us, I only skimmed them over with curiosity, like reading essays and stories, without any gains. Once a sister fellowshipped, saying: “The communication articles on life experience are very helpful to our life entering in. Through the experiences of the brothers and sisters, we can learn many lessons.” After hearing that, I was still unconcerned about the articles.

One day, during my spiritual devotions, I happened to read these words of God: “No matter on what kind of person the work is done, as long as it is done by the Holy Spirit, you should follow it and in your experience practically experience his experience, and you will gain higher things. If you practice this, you will grow faster. This is a path of perfecting people and a way of growing in life. … No matter what the Holy Spirit reveals to others, if you experience according to his knowledge, it will become your life…. You should learn to find ways of practice under the enlightenment and inspiration received by others and then communicate your own practical experience and knowledge. This will be more helpful to your life.” Facing God’s words, and recalling the sister’s fellowship of that day, I understood this: The articles on life experience are about the brothers’ and sisters’ personal experiences and their knowledge and practice of various aspects of truths under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. One person’s experiences are limited after all. If I bring the brothers’ and sisters’ experiences into my real life and practically experience their knowledge and practices, learning from their strong points to make up my deficiencies, isn’t this exactly a way for me to grow in life and be perfected? When I read the articles of the brothers and sisters, however, I didn’t pay attention to their knowledge of the truth nor to examining myself on the basis of the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to them, so that I could have some entering in life. Instead, I only focused on the occurrences in their experiences to satisfy my curiosity, and consequently I gained nothing. At this time, I saw that I was really foolish and ignorant. I did not love the truth nor know the significance of God’s family issuing the communication publication on life experience, and thus wasted so much precious time. I really disappointed God’s kind intention.

Thank God for his inspiration and guidance. When I corrected my viewpoint and reread the communication articles, from the experiences of the brothers and sisters I reaped great benefit: I have gained some knowledge of my corrupt inherent nature that I didn’t know clearly before; many of my misunderstandings and notions about God have been removed; my wrong viewpoint of pursuit and erroneous knowledge have been much corrected; I have had further experience of God’s almightiness, wisdom, wonder, and love; and more importantly, I have found many ways of practicing and entering into the truth. Now, I have truly realized that the communication articles on life experience are indeed very helpful to my life entering in.

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