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8. The Rationality That is Required for Following God

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8. The Rationality That is Required for Following God

The entire human race has been corrupted by Satan to a certain stage. Humanity has been obliterated completely. It seems that man’s most basic conscience and reason has been almost lost, which has led to the situation where he is not able to believe in or follow God normally. The majority of people have even been in danger of offending and resisting God and being punished by God. If man does not have a conscience or reason, he would not be fit to live before God. Those who do not have humanity will meet with God’s wrath. Presently, I will talk about the eight things that one must know and understand if they are to follow and believe in God, so that they will be able to enter onto the proper track of believing in God faster and obtain God’s grace.

1. First, Man Should Know Who He Himself Is and What He Should Seek

Once the arrogance of man’s satanic nature reaches a certain stage, he will no longer have God in his sights. He will not have any respect for any person, he will not obey anybody and he cannot obey even a bit of truth. This has already offended God. This kind of person will surely be punished. It can be said that everyone has this kind of arrogant nature. It is only that the expressions and backgrounds are not the same, and thus the timing of when it flares up is also not the same. When someone who seems very honest flares up, he is difficult to be calmed and dealt with! If someone is this arrogant, I’m afraid that it will not be clear to this person who they are and what they should seek in their faith. In order to maintain their composure, this aspect of rationality must be crystal clear to them. According to man’s imaginations and conceptions, it seems that man has not been corrupted by Satan and it seems that he does not require God’s salvation. He just goes with the flow when it comes to his faith. He does not care much about pursuing the truth, changing his disposition and attaining God’s salvation, so much so that he has no interest whatsoever. Instead, he is obsessed with speaking of doctrine, starting disputes, fighting for power and influence, showing himself off and seeking individual freedom and enjoyment. He is satisfied with the conviction of gaining blessings and having no worries through belief in the practical God. If man is able to lose himself in this kind of vainglorious and despicable and ugly conduct, wouldn’t he lose the decorum that saints should have? These are the manifestations of the basic sense and general knowledge that believers in God should have but lack. Why did God become flesh and endure a significant humiliation? Just why should man believe in God? What should he pursue? Is man truly clear about such basic questions? “The son of man grabs a dustpan to sweep His floor. The wheat is put into a barn while the husks are scattered by the wind.” What does this mean? If someone believes in God until the very end but does not have life, he will be thoroughly eliminated and punished. We must never forget that we are people who have been corrupted by Satan and that we specially need the salvation of God incarnate. If we miss the salvation work of the judgment and chastisement before Christ’s seat, we will sink into oblivion.

I feel that those who are truly sensible should take “I believe in God in order to attain salvation, break free of Satan’s influence and live within the light” as their motto, inscribe it in their hearts and never forget it. When man lives within his flesh and reveals his corruption or when man grows distant from God and seeks the enjoyment of the flesh, he must not forget, “I am a corrupt human being and I need God’s salvation. I should return before God, read God’s word and feel out God’s will. I must no longer ignore my duties. This is very dangerous. There is not a lot of time left.” This is something that a relatively sensible person should be able to put into practice. We believers in God should know and must never forget that we have been corrupted deeply by Satan. We should believe in God in order to attain salvation and avoid destruction. Otherwise, we are ignoring our duty. In this perilous situation, one must urgently pursue the truth in order to obtain life. This is directly related to matters of life and death. This is the self-knowledge that man should possess. This is the rationality that all those who come before God must at the very least possess.

2. Believe Firmly That Christ Is the Truth, the Way and the Life. Only Christ Can Save Man.

The two stages of God’s salvation work rely on the completion of His incarnation. This further confirms that corrupt human race needs the salvation of God incarnate. Without the work of incarnation, corrupt mankind would be unable to attain salvation. The incarnate God is the truth, the way and the life. All those who believe in God must believe firmly that only incarnate Christ is the truth, the way and the life. There is no other way to seek to obtain life and salvation. Only by firmly believing in Christ, following Christ and obeying Christ can one be saved. Christ is the God on earth. He is the practical God. He is the God who is saving mankind. Since man is deeply corrupt and arrogant, he has already lost the most basic sense. Man is snobbish in his belief of God. He specifically believes in the God of the heaven and the Jesus that rose from the dead. It is as if he disdains the present-day God incarnate and does not have Him in his sights. Man is willing to believe in the high and mighty God. He is not willing to accept the insignificant Christ. Even if man reluctantly accepts Him, he is still full of conceptions and even rebellious tendencies. At all times, there is the danger of his leaving. Judging from those who have accepted Christ, they are still not reliable after each has been given a book of God’s word and a book of hymns of praise of testimony and experience of Christ. People must be watered, guided and protected until they have established a foundation. Without others’ guidance and management, it is not easy for them to attain salvation. From this we can see that it is not easy at all for God to do the work of salvation. Very few people understand God’s heart. Not only does God express the life words of saving mankind, He must also endure significant humiliation and contempt. He must bear man’s opposition, resistance and even blasphemy. It is already painful beyond words. His heart is also very worried about man. Man is not sensible at all. How many people are considerate of God’s heart? How many people are truly capable to be compatible with Christ? Corrupt mankind is like dirt in the way that they believe in God out of snobbery. Truly, their despicableness has already reached an extreme. Basically, they are not worthy of seeing the face of Christ, yet they want to see the face of the God in heaven. This surely causes God to loathe and detest them! All those who believe in God must firmly believe in Christ and acknowledge that only Christ is the life, the truth and the way. They must no longer be so arrogant that they become ridiculous. They had better shut their mouths and read the life words of Christ and listen to the voice of God. Nobody has the truth, the way and the life. If you have the truth, the way and the life, what are you doing believing in God? This is the sense that man should have. Your numerous conceptions about Christ do not influence at all the fact that Christ is the truth, the way and the life. No matter how many theories you talk about, you will be destroyed if you depart from Christ. The way you talk big behind people’s back and have one conception after the next further confirms that you are a demon without humanity and is impervious to reason. That you have encountered setbacks and hit a wall in God’s family, you are not satisfied with God’s arrangements or you complain and are discontent does not mean that you have the truth and the life. The more obsessed you are with believing in a vague God and feel that the practical God’s work does not meet people’s expectations, the more it confirms that you are a muddle-headed person that does not have any sense or knowledge whatsoever. All those who truly believe in God and are steadfastly seeking God’s salvation must possess the sense that man should possess. Do not cause a raucous. Learn how to be quiet before God and regard yourself as lowly as dirt. Since only the Christ on earth can be the truth, the way and the life for man, only a belief in the God on earth will allow you to be made complete by God. All those who believe that they themselves are very respectable think that they are worthy of believing in the God in heaven. They do not have the God on earth in their sights and they will go down in infamy as pieces of dog shit. They will be ignored by everyone. Only those who lift Christ up as the true God have the decorum of saints. Only these people have humanity and sense.

3. Those Who Have Conceptions About God Are Very Stupid and Ignorant

Since man is unable to see the spiritual world and does not have an organ to understand God’s word directly, there is no way for man to know God by relying on his ability. Man can only obtain enlightenment and illumination and understand God’s meanings from the words of Christ. It can be said that if not for the work of God’s incarnation, there is no way for man to know God. Man would not be able to know God merely from God’s Spirit doing things. Even if man reads God’s words he would not be able to understand them without the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. This is the truth. Everything that God does is new. It is never old, and it is never repeated. He will never do things according to the conception and imagination of man. God has His own principles for doing things. There is no way for man to fathom this. This is not something that man discovered, it was God that revealed it. It is very silly for man to have conceptions about God. The more conceptions about God he has, the more it confirms that this person is childish and ridiculous. It confirms that this person has not experienced God’s work and does not have any knowledge at all. Moreover, it confirms that they are stupid and ignorant. Man’s absurdity, arrogance and conceit can also be categorized as the revealing of nature that resists God. Even if man’s conceptions make sense, they are definitely not the truth. They are still erroneous. When the truth is revealed, man will be humiliated. God is forever victorious. He can never be defeated. Man would definitely lose if he bet against God. Judging from God incarnating Himself twice, man has suffered a crushing defeat in his fight against God. When Jesus was nailed to the cross, every person’s conception was: If He were God, He would not allow people to nail Him to the cross. If He were God, He would be able to come down from the cross. The Jews’ conceptions of Christ had also reached a peak. Everybody believed that this could not be something that originated from God. In fact, absolutely nobody would have thought that the nailing of Jesus to the cross was in fact God’s redemptive work. It was God’s wisdom. In the end, Jesus rose from the dead, made an appearance and then rose to heaven after forty days. This was the first time that mankind was humiliated and suffered a defeat. Nobody believed that God could incarnate as a human a second time nor could He be a woman. Presently, the great work has been accomplished. The facts will be clear very soon and mankind will fail once more. If someone is truly sensible, he will behave himself and obey all of God’s work. He will not investigate or think it over. It is useless for man’s brain to research or measure God’s work. I have a deep experience of God’s work over the past few years and I have a conclusive theory: Everything that God does is meaningful. There is truth within everything He does. It is just that man cannot fathom it at the time. However, sooner or later, it will be clear. God does not do anything that is not meaningful. Matters that people have a tendency to have conceptions about are also the most meaningful. Those who have conceptions will definitely be humiliated. If people convict, they will surely be punished. The things that God does which are not in accordance with man’s conceptions also have meaning. This is an established theory. Nobody can deny it. Whoever is not convinced can give it a try and look. All of those who have experience will acknowledge this point. When it comes to just what man’s conceptions are and how much they are worth, sooner or later, man will see this clearly. I think that man should simply obey all that comes from God and all that God does. Man should not have conceptions about this. This is the sense and general knowledge that man should have when he comes before God. Those that do not understand this point belong to the category of the senseless. They are very foolish people.

4. It Is Very Sensible to Treat God as God

Since man’s arrogant nature makes it very easy for him to offend God’s disposition, the root cause of man’s loss of sense is his arrogant nature. The main purpose that God does the work of incarnation is to resolve the issue of man’s disposition so that, in the end, he can obey God and worship God. Right now, even though people believe verbally, they have not been able to obey God, much less worship God. In other words, man believes in God but does not treat God as God. This is man’s most disobedient aspect as well as the least sensible area. This is all due to man’s arrogant nature. It is relatively easy for man to believe in and follow Christ. However, it is very hard for man to treat Christ as the God in heaven, obey Him and worship Him. This is also the work that God will accomplish in the end. In the very end, He will see just how many people are able to obey and worship the practical God. These are the overcomers that God will make. The way that these people obeyed the God in heaven in the past will be the way they obey the God on earth in the present. The way that they worshiped the God in heaven in the past will be the way that they worship the God on earth in the present. These people are able to proudly treat the God on earth as the God that they believe in. These are the people that will be obtained by God. Those that can treat the God on earth as God are able to worship the God on earth in spirit and in truth. Even though the God on earth is the embodiment of the Spirit, has words appearing and absolutely has the essence of the Spirit and all that divinity is and has, however, after all, it is a God that has put on the humanity of the flesh. Man needs to undergo a process of knowing Him. He is relatively easier to know than Jesus. The appearance of words is even more powerful than the display of signs and wonders. It makes it even easier for man to understand the essence and practicality of God. Only through incarnation can man be saved. Without the work of the word, there is no way to change man’s conceptions, thoughts and imagination. Even more so, there is no way to attain a change in one’s life disposition. Experiencing the incarnate God’s work of words is the best opportunity for man to know God. Even though the flesh is very ordinary and normal, inside, He embraces everything and is incomparably abundant. There is the fountainhead of truth and life within. Those that pursue the truth are able to know God’s essence and all that God has and is from what He says and the work that He does. In this way, they can receive the most valuable treasure to know God and achieve a change in their disposition. People that always have their conceptions about the fact that God’s flesh is normal and ordinary and dispute with God endlessly are unable to understand the spirit and they are livestock and have lost their humanity. They will never be able to obtain the truth. How can they be able to be compatible with God? Those who treat God as God are those that seek an understanding of God. They can be counted as people who have the truth and have humanity. These are the people that God praises. To be able to treat the practical God on earth as God is a sense that man should possess.

5. Only Through Letting Go of Your Desire for Blessings Would You Be Worthy of Seeing God’s Face

Those who have a true understanding of God’s disposition understand God’s four emotions, know which people God hates the most, know which people God likes, know what He detests and know what He finds acceptable. After you understand the truth, you must have some human sense. After experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, if you still do your duties with a hidden desire for blessings this is rather despicable and not pure enough. Your faith in God should only be due to a desire to seek the life and truth and to walk the path of life. This is the purest and most sensible kind of faith. All those who believe in God, regardless of the suffering they endure when experiencing God’s work must attain an understanding of God, experience a change in their life disposition and in the end, become people that have the truth and have humanity. They must be able to be compatible with God and obtain God’s approval. This is the goal that all those who believe in God should seek. This is genuine faith. Despicable people believe in God only so they can obtain blessings. Their desire to be blessed is on their face and lips. They desire blessings, even under a banner of faith. Do these kinds of people have the truth? Where is their sense and humanity? How can they not be detested by God? Their faith is due to their desire for blessings. They fulfill their duties, do good deeds, attend fellowships and endure suffering all for blessings. Regardless of what they do, they never put God’s will first. Instead, they are only concerned about their final destination, so much so that they pry into secret in order to learn about the ending that God has for man. These people are not inclined toward justice or the truth. They do not seek an understanding of God in order to obtain the truth and life. They are hypocrites that will not wake early if it does not benefit them. They are truly people that are detestable and disgusting. These kinds of people will never obtain God’s approval. These people have no sense and they are not worthy to live before God. Man’s intentions are different and as a result, they are concerned about different matters. If some people desire blessings, then they are controlled by this desire. They are only concerned about their own conclusion and final destination. As for how to be considerate of and how to satisfy God’s heart, I’m afraid that they have never thought this over. Those who are conscientious and sensible can surely love God and are considerate of God’s heart. Very selfish people are unable to love God and be considerate of God’s heart. All those who understand the truth and have humanity can properly fulfill their duties. While they are fulfilling their duties, they can consider how to satisfy God. They do not think about their own gains and losses. Instead, satisfying God and God’s work is number one to them. They believe that everything that God does is very good and that it is the best. Man need not think for himself too much. This is not meaningful at all. Man should live in order to satisfy God. He should fulfill his duties in order to repay God’s love. This is obligatory. Those who really have the truth will be able to face justice. It is vain to call oneself a man if one does not do righteous deeds. I feel that this is the basic sense that one must possess before God.

6. Those With a Conscience Should Fulfill Their Duties

God incarnated Himself and interacted with man in order to reveal the whole truth to man. If man does not fulfill his duties, not only does he not have a conscience, it is also the most unreasonable manifestation and he is not fit to live in the world. In order for man to live before God, he should fulfill his share of duties. This is a matter of heaven’s law and earth’s principle. As long as a man has a conscience, he would acknowledge this. Nobody can deny it. Presently, it is the time that God is expanding His work and utilizing man. This is the only opportunity to repay God’s love. It is also the test to see whether man has a conscience, whether he is sensible and whether he has obtained the truth and can live out the likeness of a human being. It can be said, those who believe in God but do not fulfill their duties are disgraceful degenerates. They are sinister, treacherous and despicable people. It can also be said that not fulfilling one’s duty is considered a violation of the administrative decrees. This is not false at all. Regardless of the reason, all those who fail to fulfill their duties to the end will be punished. Those that do not cast aside everything in order to fulfill their duties are not people that are devoted to God. When one has to make a choice, he does not set his face toward justice and select the truth; how could he have the cheek to drag out an ignoble existence in God’s family? This person cannot be called someone that has the truth and humanity. Regardless of what environment they are in, everyone must at least fulfill some of their duties. When God really needs a particular person to fulfill a duty, this is a matter that should not be ignored. He should make a prompt decision to cast aside everything in order to satisfy God. This is how a man of sense would act and his faith can be called genuine. This is the kind of person that God will save and obtain. If a man does not have this sense, he is not worthy of being called a man. He is someone that God will eliminate. Aside from God’s requests for man to experience a change in his disposition, to put the truth into practice and to become an honest person, the only other request that God has for man is that during the expansion of His work, man must fulfill his duties. God’s expansion work requires all people to offer a part of themselves. This is how one can live up to God’s expectations. In fact, the purpose of the requirements that God has for man’s life is to help man fulfill the requirements related to God’s work. These two matters are one thing. They have the same purpose. That is why those who have a conscience should fulfill their duties. This is the sense that man should have before God. If man does not fulfill his duties and is unable to give account to God, the punishments and the consequences that he will face are self-evident. God does not need man for a long period of time. God’s chosen people from China have only this opportunity. The next step of work does not involve Chinese people. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity, you will regret it for the rest of your life. You will feel too ashamed to live before God.

7. Those Who Obey God Absolutely Are Those Who Are Devoted to God

Those who truly understand God’s disposition are able to obey God absolutely. There is no leeway for individual decisions. Regardless whether you understand or not, you must obey God’s demands and arrangements without conditions. You must absolutely not act according to your own will. Suppose someone obeys only if he sees that it is good or if it is acceptable. If he finds that God’s requirement or arrangement is not acceptable, he places it to one side and pays it no heed. This is not a person that obeys God. Presently, there are very few people who can obey God absolutely. People still choose what they want to obey. They do things according to their own meaning and they rely on their own preferences when doing things. This is not obeying God. This is obeying your own will. Strictly speaking, since God’s arrangements and decisions have to pass through man’s approval before they are implemented, this already offends God’s disposition. This is a manifestation of man disobeying and resisting God. All people have this disease or fatal flaw, and this shows that no one knows God. Only those who obey God absolutely are devoted to God. If someone bases their obedience on their own meaning, this behavior is resisting and disobeying God. This way of doing things violates administrative decrees. It is a very serious offence of God’s disposition. In other words, this is an extremely senseless manifestation before God. Man’s disobedient nature involves arrogance, self-rightness, presumptuousness, assertiveness and doing things randomly. This is where man is hostile toward God. If man does not seek a change in his disposition, it would be very dangerous because it is very easy for man to offend God. If all those who are leaders do not have a change in this aspect, it is very easy for them to become antichrists and receive punishment.

When it comes to the matter of obeying God, man should have the sense that his obedience must be unconditional. As long as it can be confirmed that it is one of God’s arrangements or demands, regardless if someone understands or not, they must obey unconditionally. Nobody can alter the demand or choose to implement it. This is how work arrangements must be implemented. This is also the case when it comes to individuals putting the truth into practice. Regardless whether someone understands, he must obey God absolutely. If there are areas that he does not understand, he must gain an understanding during the implementation or experience process. This is a manifestation of someone that is devoted to God. Everyone who does work in God’s family must have this sense: Regardless of whether or not you understand or comprehend God’s words or the work arrangements or demands from the above, you must absolutely carry it out precisely. You will deepen your understanding as you are putting it into practice. If you say that you are unable to put it into practice because you do not understand it clearly, this proves that you are arrogant and self-right. If you wait until you understand it before you implement it, you end up delaying the important work of God’s family. If you wait until you understand completely, the work will become damaged. Can you shoulder that responsibility? This is why the demands of obeying God are so strict. Without sense, leaders would not be suitable to be utilized by God. God likes those who obey Him absolutely. This is because those that absolutely obey God are most honest and pure. They lack crookedness, treachery, arrogance and self-rightness. They only know how to be considerate of God’s heart and satisfy God.

8. Following All of Christ’s Orders Is a sense That People Must Have

Obey God; do not obey man. This is a sense that all believers in God must possess. You must obey God because only He is the truth, the way and the life. Do not obey man because man is not the truth, the way and the life. This reasoning is very simple, yet it is very difficult for man to follow it because man has a disobedient nature. It is very easy for him to follow his fleshly preferences and listen to words that accord with his own thoughts. For example, God has said a great number of things, all of which are words of truth and life. Even though man acknowledges them and even embraces them, he is still indifferent and not in the least concerned. His entrance into the life is extremely slow. If someone spreads some rumors and false words, people will promptly be poisoned by them and be cold toward God. At the very least, they will be negative for a few days. Man has no immunity to this whatsoever. Why is it that people cannot distinguish this? Why is it that the effects of false words are so great? One sentence is able to send a man to his death. This is related to man’s nature and spiritual stature. Some people like the truth and some people like injustice. Some people have an understanding of God and their hearts are able to love God. They are able to distinguish and they can resist the attacks of evil and darkness. Those who do not know God do not have the truth. Their hearts do not love God. Naturally, they will accept anything and they are even more prone to accepting injustice. If man were intelligent, under these circumstances, he should take God’s words as the truth, believe in God’s words and abandon the false words of man. This is the most sensible kind of manifestation. We should be clear about this, How many people know God and have the truth? Man is too absurd, prejudiced, treacherous and evil. He has too many conceptions and too much imagination. How many people are able to see through matters to the truth and directly accept God’s words? Basically, these people do not exist. Those who only have a bit of the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and understand a bit of God’s meaning are already very good. So, man does not have the truth. Why does man believe in God? It is because God is the truth, the way and the life. God does not make any mistakes. Man’s imagination, conceptions and conjectures haunt him and cause him to blaspheme God. Believing in God is never wrong. All those who listen to God are never wrong. These are the most sensible of people. They are people who have true faith in God. Can I ask you, Are you able to truly believe that God is the truth? Are you still able to listen to the false words of man that attack and blaspheme God? If so, you are the most senseless kind of person and you do not have the truth.

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