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The Word of God Gave Me Faith


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The Word of God Gave Me Faith

It is a special favor that I can have accepted the Almighty God’s end-time salvation, and it is much more the Almighty God’s grace and uplifting, because I was no believer in Jesus. It is the truth expressed by the Almighty God that has made me understand many mysteries about belief in God, the significance of God’s creating man, and why man should believe in and worship God and perform the duty of a created being etc., and at the same time enabled me to follow God until today with full faith.

Once, on my way home from performing my duty, I ran across a former great friend of mine (an unbeliever). During our chat, I got to know that she had a boyfriend and would get married soon, and that they had been allotted a flat, which was being decorated…. At that time, I could not help thinking of myself and began to feel sad. I thought to myself, “If I did not believe in God, wouldn’t I live a life like hers? I could also indulge in worldly amusements, do anything I want to do, and be free from any restraint. Believing in God is really an encumbrance….” While I was thinking, I could not refrain from shedding tears and felt extreme distress. Then God’s words inspired me: “…this will not be so with those who are compatible with Christ. Although they have lost a lot and suffered a lot, they will have received all the inheritance I bestow to mankind. In the end, you will know that only I am the righteous God and only I can bring mankind into mankind’s pleasant destination.” As I walked, I pondered the inner meaning of God’s words. I felt every word of God dripping with God’s love, comfort, and encouragement to man. Although outwardly I have missed some material things, inwardly I have gained the riches that God bestowed to the world, which an unbeliever cannot get with his material things or money. Today, I am fortunate to have believed in the Almighty God, received the leading and supply of God’s word, understood many truths that I did not understand before, and known that a created being should worship the Creator. Such a life is the most meaningful and worthy life. Apart from this, everything is empty. Only gaining God is most precious. The more I pondered, the more I felt brightened and assured. Thank God for his inspiration! I became confident and hopeful about the way ahead and no longer felt it an encumbrance to believe in God. Under the encouragement of God’s words, I was no longer distressed, and was no longer disconsolate at those meaningless things; instead, I had more faith to walk the way ahead.

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