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The Work Arrangement Exposed Me


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The Work Arrangement Exposed Me

At the end of December, God’s family made an arrangement that the gospel work be spread to the gentiles. When I read these words, “As for those who believe in various superstitions or those who once worshipped evil spirits and false gods, as long as they are not professional or possessed by evil spirits, the gospel can be preached to them,” I was dumbfounded all at once. And a notion arose in my mind: Those who worship false gods are God’s enemies, and they are incompatible with God. How come God should save them? I could in no way figure it out or drop my notion, and even less was I willing to obey this arrangement and go to preach the gospel to them.

When I was filled with the notion, I read these words of God, “Actually, God is the ruler of all things and the God of all created beings. … When God does his work, he does it on all created beings and does not do it according to whether they were cursed after they were created. His management work is aimed at all created beings and not aimed at the chosen people who were not cursed. Since he wants to do his work on created beings, he is determined to accomplish it, and he does it on those who are beneficial to it. So he works on people against all regulations. With him, there is no such saying as being cursed, chastised, or blessed!” Reading here, I was suddenly enlightened. I came to understand that when God works to save man, he aims at all created beings. God’s intention is for all men to be saved and no one to go to perdition. God is to save men to the utmost and make all created beings worship the Creator. However, I thought that God came only to save us who believed in Jesus and he should not save those who worship false gods. Aren’t those who worship false gods also created beings? They also believe that there is a God. It is only that they have not found the true God who created the heavens and the earth and all things and who created mankind, mistaking those evil spirits as God to worship. Today, God requires us to preach the gospel to a portion of the worshippers of false gods; isn’t this God’s even greater mercy and care for us who are deeply deceived by satan? God is to save all men created by him. God loves man so much! God’s heart is so kind! No matter how people disobey, resist, and reject him and are ignorant of him, God does his work of saving mankind in obscurity. However, I was blind and ignorant and could not see through things; and I even measured God’s work with my imagination and notion. I was really shortsighted. O Almighty God! Your deeds make me ashamed and disgraced, and your great love makes me want to sink through the ground. I will drop my notion, pursue to know you and your work in your word, and do all I can to cooperate in your gospel work.

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