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There Is God’s Good Purpose in Everything One Encounters


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There Is God’s Good Purpose in Everything One Encounters

Some time ago, in our place a group of new believers were brought in. When I was going to set up a church for them, however, one of them, who was possessed by an evil spirit, came out to disturb, not allowing the others to contact us. Some new believers who had no discernment really listened to her. I felt very nervous about this and began to complain within: How come those preaching the gospel have brought in such a person? I wonder how the person caring for the new believers cared for them! After so long a time, she still hasn’t talked the vision of God’s work clearly to the new believers…. Outwardly I encouraged the brothers and sisters and also assigned the person caring for the new believers to stay there to sustain and water them with patience, but my heart was full of complaints all along.

One day, at a co-workers’ meeting, I told this matter to the sister in charge of the work. The sister said, “When encountering this matter, you should see what God’s will is and what God wants to make up to us through it. This is because in many cases God perfects us simply through some matters that do not fit our notions….” After she said that, we ate and drank two passages of God’s word: “…whatever thing you encounter, you should strike roots and seek God’s will deep within to see what is God’s will in this thing, what God requires you to achieve, and how you should care for God’s will.” “Being perfected is achieved by your obeying the working of the Holy Spirit. You won’t know through what kind of people God will perfect you or through what kind of people, matters, or things he will cause you to gain something and see something.” Reading God’s words and thinking over the sister’s fellowship, I was suddenly enlightened: There is God’s good purpose in everything God arranges. As long as I cooperate practically, I can surely learn lessons, because whatever God arranges for people is for perfecting them, is their present need, and is their lack. Thinking of this, I at once had the will to cooperate with God, being willing to care for God’s will and no longer complaining about the brothers and sisters.

Afterward, I and the brothers and sisters gathered together and prayed to God together, and in view of the states of the new believers, we found the truths concerning knowing God’s work and then fellowshipped together with them…. Gradually, the new believers became somewhat stable. Just then, the person possessed by the evil spirit suddenly professed that she was God. Yet, the new believers, having been timely equipped with the truths concerning the vision, had a thorough discernment of her and all returned before God. I really thank God. God works so practically. Through the disturbance of the evil spirit, not only did the new believers gain discernment and understand the truths, but I equipped myself with some truths concerning the vision, gained some real things, and even more saw the wonderful deeds of God. Then I was indescribably happy in my heart.

Through experiencing this matter, I have truly realized that when God perfects us, makes up for our lacks, and causes us to gain the truth and see God’s wonderful deeds, he doesn’t work in a supernatural and vague way, but practically arranges a variety of people, matters, and things for us, and then through our cooperation, causes us to gain something. In the past, when some matters occurred in the church, I always handled them as they stood, complaining that the matters were too many and too troublesome, and even complaining that the people should not be like this or like that. I had never sought God’s intention, much less understood what God’s intention was in arranging these things for me. As a result, I gained very little. Now, in retrospect, I was really too blind. Today I have finally understood that in everything I encounter every day, good or bad, there is God’s good purpose, and God is practically perfecting me through them. From now on, I will never again complain that there are too many matters in the church, or complain that there are always things running not smoothly. Rather, I will even more treasure everything God arranges for me and treasure these practical works of God, so that I can have the lack in me made up for and be fit for God to use soon.

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