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Two Questions Shamed Me Who Was Arrogant


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Two Questions Shamed Me Who Was Arrogant

Some time ago, God’s family distributed the booklet of questions, The Truth-Entering Course for Enjoying God’s Word at Meetings. When I saw “The Truths about the Vision,” I thought: How come now we are still asked to eat and drink these “shallow” truths? They should be for the new believers to eat and drink. We old believers should eat and drink more of the truths concerning practice so that we will have more ways in our practice. Thus, every time I did my spiritual devotions, I always ate and drank only the truths about practice.

One day, I came to a host home. On seeing me, the sister of the host home said, “God really loves people. He knows we lack the vision, and so he requires us to promptly equip ourselves with it through these questions. I have read several questions but I’m not certain and not very clear about the answers.” I said, “I don’t worry about the truths regarding the vision; they are actually very ‘shallow.’ The emphasis is on the truths about practice in the latter part….” After hearing my words, the sister said with envy: “You leaders have equipped yourselves with more truths. Please have a fellowship with me.” I was very happy to hear that. In a short while, the sister took out the booklet of questions and, pointing at question 41, she asked me to fellowship about it with her. When I saw the question “Which two parts does the work in the age of the incarnation includes? …,” I thought this question was very simple, so I said without thinking: “The incarnation in the Age of the Grace and the incarnation in the Age of the Kingdom, right?” Then she asked me question 33: “What is the principle by which God works when the ‘Word’ becomes ‘flesh’?” “It’s simple. God is incarnated to speak words.” Again I blurted. Seeing that she had no response, I thought: Your quality is really poor. You still don’t understand after I’ve fellowshipped. A while later, the sister held the book of God’s word in her hands and said to me: “As to question 41, God’s word says: … ‘the work in the age of God’s incarnation’ includes two parts. God’s incarnated flesh does one part personally and speaks personally in it. After he has completely fulfilled the ministry of his flesh, the other part will be completely entrusted to the men used by the Holy Spirit. … As to question 33, God’s word says: No matter in which age and in which place God is incarnated, the principles of his working in the flesh cannot change. It cannot be that he is incarnated but works outside the flesh, much less can it be that he is incarnated but does not work in the normal humanity of the flesh.” Hearing that, I blushed right up to the neck instantly. At that moment, I really wished to look for a hole to crawl into. I never expected that I, who thought I had understood all the truths about the vision, should have answered far off the point. Only then did I see that I had nothing and I was nothing. Yet I pretended to know when I actually didn’t, and talked indiscreetly. I was really arrogant, absurd, and ridiculous to the extreme! God has early said: “If you have no vision while pursuing to grow in your life, then you have no foundation. If you only have the way to practice but do not have any vision or any knowledge of the work of the entire management plan, then you are a good-for-nothing person.” However, I thought that the truths about the vision were not very important and it would be enough as long as I could understand the truths about practice. Actually, if one has no knowledge about God, how can he practice the truths required by God? If one doesn’t have the vision, how can he stand firm? I recalled the incident of a false christ deceiving people, which happened recently. Isn’t it because of being unclear about the vision that those brothers and sisters were deceived? And now some brothers and sisters have rebelled against God because they expected God’s day but failed. Isn’t it also because they were not clear about the vision that they failed to stand firm? Having thought of this, I truly realized that the truths about the vision are of great importance to us. Without the vision as the foundation, one won’t be able to follow God to the end and he may rebel against God at any time and in any place.

Thank God for exposing me. It has made me see that I am by nature too arrogant and know too little about myself. Now, I have understood that the truths about the vision are as important as the truths about practice; none of them is dispensable. From now on, I am willing to correct my erroneous knowledge, eat and drink God’s word according to the present requirement of God’s family, and equip myself with the truths of various aspects, so as to make up for my deficiencies.

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