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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Anhui Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

Classic Examples of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God

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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Anhui Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

82. Wang X, male, aged 45, from Yuanzhai Town of Yingdong District in Fuyang City, whose family was a host family of the Worldliness Transcending Church. In March 2001, when he learned that several sisters in his church had accepted God’s end-time work, he went to disturb them and said, “I don’t believe God has come. Where is God? I’ll go have a look!” And he also spoke some blasphemies against God. He kept disturbing them like this for a week, insisting that they give up believing in Almighty God. And he even tried to send the gospel preachers to the local police station, but did not succeed after being forcibly stopped by others. In April 2001, Wang suddenly had a cerebral congestion. He spent more than 6,000 yuan, but was not cured. On April 29, he went to Hades.

83. Zhang XX, male, aged 34, from Funan County, a preacher of the Three-Self sect. In March 1999, as soon as his parents and younger sister accepted God’s end-time work, he disturbed them and caused them to turn back. Then he openly resisted and condemned God’s end-time work in the meetinghouse, saying, “That’s a heresy. You can’t listen.” He also went everywhere to seal the meeting places, not allowing the people to accept Almighty God. Moreover, he often spied on the meetings of the brothers and sisters who had accepted Almighty God, and also informed against those who believed in Almighty God. On the morning of November 22, 1999, when Zhang was cooking breakfast, he was attacked by an unknown acute disease and collapsed behind the kitchen stove. It was not until his wife came back from collecting firewood that he was found dead. He was really a servant of satan, and it was God’s work that revealed him!

84. Fang XX, female, aged 63, from Salipu Town in Tongcheng City, a singing teacher of the Three-Self sect. In March 1999, someone preached God’s end-time work to her, but before making an investigation, she recklessly condemned and blasphemed God. She also went everywhere to seal the meeting places, and said, “Where is God? Why haven’t I seen him? Follow me and you can never be wrong. I can stake my life on it!” In the evening of August 9, 2000, Fang felt as if her whole body was bound by a rope, and she was very uncomfortable. She asked her neighbor to fetch a sister to pray for her, and she said, “I don’t want to die. There are still many things left to do.…” But as she spoke, she could not say anything. She was immediately sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but the rescue measures failed, and she gave up the ghost the next morning. She could not even save her own life but wanted to guarantee others’. It is true that the wicked know no shame!

85. Liu XX, female, aged 54, from Tongling City, a steward of the True Jesus Church. One day in November 1998, after she heard the testimony of God’s end-time work, she said nothing but turned and went to report this to the senior leader of her church. Later, she pretended to hear the testimony with other sisters, and after she went back, she again reported those who heard the testimony to her leader. She totally acted as a spy. When several sisters who believed in Almighty God learned this, they exhorted her many times not to do things offending God, but she always remained silent with a clouded face. On the night of February 12, 2000 (during the Spring Festival), when Liu’s husband woke up, he found Liu lying before the bed and unable to think clearly or speak. He sent her to the hospital for emergency treatment, but though she stayed there for ten days, she still failed to have her life saved. If it had not been God’s watching over the church, who could have seen through this crafty devil? She was struck down by God before her scheme succeeded.

86. Zhang XX, male, aged 59, from Anping Township in Tongling County, a committee member of the Three-Self sect. In March 1999, when he learned that a sister had accepted God’s end-time work, he blasphemed and condemned it, saying, “‘the Eastern Lightning’ is false and a heresy.” He also went to the local police station and reported the sister. The police went to the sister’s home and questioned and threatened her. Because of this, her husband began to persecute her, so that even now the sister is unable to attend the meetings regularly. In addition, Zhang dragged a brother who had newly accepted Almighty God back into his sect. In February 2000, he felt unwell (Zhang used to be healthy and strong). He went to the hospital for examination, and was diagnosed with cardiac cancer. Afterward, his condition worsened, and he suffered unbearable pain. On February 8, 2001 (in the first month of the Chinese New Year), he died.

87. Qian XX, male, aged 63, from Zongyang County, a steward of the True Jesus Church. In mid-March 2000, after he heard the testimony of God’s end-time work, he denied the true way, and he said to the gospel preacher, “Ours is the true way. I’d rather die than accept another way.” He also warned others not to go elsewhere or to hear the testimony. One day in September of the same year, while pumping water by his field, Qian was electrocuted then and there.

88. Chen XX, male, aged 56, from Houfang Township in Zongyang County, a preacher of the True Jesus Church. Since March 1999, he had begun to blaspheme and slander God’s end-time work and to go everywhere sealing the meeting places. And whenever he learned that anyone had accepted Almighty God, he would desperately disturb him and hinder him from accepting the true way. Once, he went to the home of a sister who had accepted Almighty God and said to her, “You’ve gone astray, and you’re deceived by them. You mustn’t believe in it. I can give an account of my words both before man and before God. If you don’t turn back, I’ll answer for nothing if anything happens to your family in the future, and you are not allowed to turn to the church for help!” On November 16, 1999, Chen took a bus to gather people to his home for a meeting. When he got off the bus, he suddenly fell from it and had his head severely injured. He was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but his hour had come. The rescue measures failed, and he went to Hades to “give his account.”

89. Liu XX, male, aged 57, from Zongyang County, a steward of the Justification by Faith Church. In late August 1998, he accepted Almighty God together with his wife and daughter. But several days later, he believed others’ rumors and went back to his former church. He even tried to force his wife and daughter to go back, but they refused to listen to him. So he said with rage, “You can’t believe in it! It’s false; it’s a cult. I am the head of the family. You must obey me!” Then he abused God. In June 1999, Liu felt sore all over. His wife exhorted him not to blaspheme God any more, but he kept on blaspheming and abusing. In June 2000, Liu suddenly had an incessant cough. Upon examination, he was found to have tuberculosis. He received medical treatment but did not get any better. Later, he also suffered a relapse of his diabetes, and he shouted and screamed with pain all day long. In June 2001, he died from the pain. This devil was cut off, and his wife and daughter got released.

90. Jiang XX, male, aged 42, from Shitai County, a mid-level leader of the Justification by Faith Church. In the fall of 1998, someone preached God’s end-time work to him, but he refused to accept it and even maliciously cursed God, “If I saw the female Christ you preach, and if I had a gun, I would.…” Moreover, he went everywhere to seal the meeting places, fabricating rumors and speaking slanderous words, saying, “‘the Eastern Lightning’ is a cult.” He also intimidated the believers led by him, not allowing them to hear the testimony. In November 1998, Jiang got nephritis, and in March 1999, he also got leukemia. The treatment was ineffective, and he died in October 1999. This malicious scum, who even dared to curse God and be against God, received his just punishment.

91. Hu XX, male, aged 73, from Guichi City, a committee member of the Three-Self sect. In July 1999, someone went to the meetinghouse to preach God’s end-time gospel, and seven people accepted it. After Hu learned of that, he forced all of them to return. Even so, he still did not stop. He then took some core members of the Three-Self sect to the homes of two brothers, who had accepted Almighty God only two months, to disturb them. The two brothers ignored him, so he became enraged and went to the local police station and reported them. Moreover, he wildly fabricated lies in the meetinghouse to blaspheme God, deceiving the brothers and sisters led by him, so that they did not dare to accept the true way. He really did enough evil things! In September 2000, Hu felt some difficulty in walking, so he went to the hospital and received treatment, but did not get any better. In October, he became paralyzed and was confined to bed. On the afternoon of November 2, his family helped him sit up to have a bowel movement, but he failed to support himself on the bedpan and fell to the floor, and died that night. This evildoer finally received his just punishment!

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