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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Anhui Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

Classic Examples of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God

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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Anhui Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

92. Yang XX, female, aged 35, from Shili Township in Anqing City, a believer of the Three-Self sect. In June 1998, her elder sister accepted God’s end-time work. After she learned of that, she desperately disturbed her and condemned God’s work. And she told her sister not to believe in it but to turn back quickly. Her sister listened to her lies and gave up believing in Almighty God. She also told her mother, “‘the Eastern Lightning’ is all false and deceiving. Don’t accept it no matter who preaches to you. Just hold on to the Bible.” Her mother held her words fast and refused to accept Almighty God. After Yang did evil, a disaster followed. On May 27, 2001, while Yang was doing chores in a stone quarry, a huge stone rolled down from the mountaintop. All the others ran away, but Yang failed, for her trouser leg got caught on a trolley. As a result, she was badly crushed by the stone with the bones of her legs exposed and a hole left in her waist. She was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but still failed to escape death. When she died, she was only 35 years old. Jehovah cuts short the years of the wicked, so how could Yang who resisted God escape?

93. Wang XX, female, aged 52, from Jingde County, a preacher of the Justification by Faith Church. In the spring of 1999, someone preached Almighty God’s end-time work to her, but she refused to accept. Later, someone else went to preach to her many times, but she still resisted it. In the fall of 2000, when a gospel preacher went to her home to preach God’s end-time work to her once again, she not only refused to accept it, but fiercely drove the gospel preacher out of the door and said, “You believer of ‘the Eastern Lightning!’ You cheaters, I’ll never listen to your gospel.” After that, she joined with her co-workers and went to every meeting place to delude others and seal the meeting places. She also blasphemed and condemned God’s work, saying, “Now, there are people preaching ‘the Eastern Lightning’ everywhere. You must be careful. The spirit of ‘the Eastern Lightning’ is deadly poisonous. Once you touch it, you’ll become very sick.…” One day in July 2001, it was raining heavily and the wind was strong. When Wang was crossing a street on her way home, she was hit by a speeding car and flung by it onto its top and then was thrown down onto the street, and a hole was knocked in the back of her head. Instantly after that, she was run over by an oncoming tour bus on the chest, and she died outright. When she died, her eyes were wide open, and her face looked ferocious and very horrible. Truly, misfortune pursues the sinner!

94. Nie XX, female, aged 43, from Jinchang Smeltery in Tongling City, a preacher of the Three Grades of Servants Church. In May 1998, she heard the testimony of God’s end-time work and read the book of God’s word, but she denied God’s word and condemned it, saying, “This is false; it is all written by man.” She not only did not want to accept God’s end-time work herself, but she went to disturb a sister who had accepted it, and she said to the sister, “Don’t believe in it. Turn back quickly. If you don’t, just have a try, and then you’ll know you are wrong.” The sister fellowshipped with her patiently, but she still said, “This is false. It’s not God’s word but something done by man. I’d rather die than believe in it.” In the winter of that year, Nie suddenly suffered pains in her heart and felt sick all over, and her whole body became swollen. After a doctor’s examination, Nie was found to have high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart disease. In April 1999, which might be the time for her to have a try, Nie died of bleeding from her mouth, nose, eyes, and ears.

95. Zhang XX, female, aged 38, from Funan County, a worker of the Local Church. In the winter of 1999, Zhang learned that there were brothers and sisters in Yeji Town of Huoqiu County who had accepted Almighty God’s end-time work. On February 6, 2000 (during the Spring Festival), she arrived at a brother’s home and said, “Don’t have any contact with XX. She has accepted ‘the Eastern Lightning.’ ‘The Eastern Lightning’ is a cult.…” She also said that it was because she was afraid the people would be deceived into accepting “the Eastern Lightning” that she came this time to each place to have a look. On the next morning, Zhang took a bus from Yeji to a fair in Yaoli Township. Unexpectedly, as soon as she got off the bus, she was hit on the head by a vehicle coming from behind, and she fell to the ground with blood streaming out profusely. After a short while, she went to Hades. This wicked servant was cut off by God before she had time to seal the churches.

96. Fang XX, male, aged 62, from Xiangyu Town in Dongzhi County, a preacher of the Justification by Faith Church. In the spring of 1999, some people preached God’s end-time gospel to him many times, but he refused to accept, and he even vehemently resisted and blasphemed God. Once, two people went to his home to preach God’s end-time work to him, but he swore at them, “You’re greatly wrong to leave the Bible. You devils will go to hell and the lake of fire and brimstone forever. You don’t deserve to go to Heaven. Only we who don’t leave the Bible deserve to go to Heaven.” After saying this, he roared with laughter madly. In the winter of 1999, Fang had cirrhotic ascites. On January 13, 2001, he died. The dream of this man who “deserved to go to heaven” was shattered.

97. Tang XX, female, aged 80, from Yinghe Township in Yingshang County, a believer of the Three-Self sect. In April 1999, her daughter-in-law and several people in her village accepted Almighty God’s end-time work. After she knew this, she tried hard to disturb them. Every time her daughter-in-law went to the meeting, she would stand on the top of her flat-roofed house and shouted and cried wildly, disturbing the brothers and sisters from having the meeting. Besides this, she watched a host family whenever it was visited. Later, her daughter-in-law gave up believing in Almighty God because of her disturbance, yet she continued to watch that host family. On November 11, 2001, a little past five in the morning, Tang was run over and killed by a car on the way to the meeting of the Three-Self sect. The car dragged her for over a dozen meters. Her face was deformed, her arm was broken, and her foot was crushed off. The scene looked very horrible.

98. Kang XX, male, aged 46, from Yingshang County, a core member of the Hua Xuehe sect. Between September 1999 and January 2000, a brother acquainted with him preached Almighty God’s end-time salvation to him many times, yet he not only refused to accept, but also resisted it. On January 26, 2000, the brother invited someone to preach to him once again. After listening, he said, “This is the work God does; I accept.” However, on the third day when the brother went to his home to see him, he had changed his mind, and said, “I’d rather die than believe in it. And you should stop running about or believing blindly. The God you believe in is a female. That’s false and a heresy.” He also went everywhere to seal the meeting places. On February 10, 2000 (the sixth day of the Chinese New Year), Kang got pancreatic cancer, and he suffered pains in his abdomen for over two months. Unable to bear the pain, he killed himself by poison on May 2, 2000.

99. Liu XX, female, aged 49, from Yangliu Township in Suixi County, a mid-level leader of the Pentecostal Church. In October 1999, when someone preached Almighty God’s end-time gospel to her, she not only refused to accept it herself, but also hindered others. In August 2001, someone else gave her a book of Almighty God’s word, but she said, “Someone gave me such a book before, and I burned it without reading it.” After saying this, she drove the gospel preacher away. Two months later, the purple blisters on her hands began to spread and covered her whole body, and the blisters were without fluid or blood. Moreover, her eyes bulged out of their sockets, which looked like an ox’s. The strange disease left her lying in bed and unable to take care of herself. She spent over 20,000 yuan on the treatment, but to no avail. On the night of February 9, 2002 (the 28th of the twelfth month of the lunar year), she died. But it was strange that several days before her death, she began to rot, and her whole body oozed stinking fluid. When she was carried to be cremated after her death, three fingers of her right hand had already rotted away. The worldly people all said that it was retribution from Heaven!

100. Zhu XX, male, aged 47, from Dangshan County, a senior leader of the Hua Xuehe sect. In 1997, someone preached Almighty God’s end-time gospel to him, but he did not accept. In September 2001, when two sisters went to preach it to him again, he said, “Don’t come to steal my sheep. Someone has come before.…” After that, he went to every meeting place to seal and control them. He also betrayed the brothers and sisters in the neighboring village who had accepted Almighty God, and this caused several believers in Almighty God to be put into prison. One morning in December 2001, when Zhu went to the bathroom, he suddenly fell to his knees in it. He was sent to the hospital for an examination, and was found to have a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. The doctor refused to give him treatment, and that afternoon, he breathed his last. This devil was finally cursed to death!


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