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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Henan Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

Classic Examples of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God

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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Henan Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

33. Pei X, female, aged 39, from Yaoshan Town in Lushan County, a junior leader of the Local Church. In February 1997, some brothers and sisters preached the end-time work of Almighty God to her, but she condemned and slandered it. After that, whenever she heard that any preacher of Almighty God came, she would curse him in her prayer. She resisted God to the extent of being frenzied. In October 1997, Pei was found to have esophageal cancer. The people of her church often prayed for her, but the more they prayed, the worse her condition got. However, she thought that God was trying her. In May 1998, her condition became even more serious. Feeling hopeless, she showed her true colors and denied God, and she did not allow anyone to mention “the Lord Jesus” before her. On June 7, 1998, Pei went to the netherworld. It was God’s work that revealed this devil!

34. Li X, female, aged 33, from Zhifang Township in Ruzhou City, a junior leader of the Local Church. In June 1999, someone preached the end-time work of Almighty God to her, but she wildly blasphemed God and swore, “You believers of the evil cult, dirty dogs! Shame on you!” And she also said, “You take the open road, and I will cross the log bridge. I’d prefer to go to the lake of fire.” Then she drove the gospel preacher away. Afterward, she sealed the meeting place, not allowing anyone to accept Almighty God. In October of the same year, Li became mentally ill. She often talked to herself, “I have sinned! I have sinned!” On June 2, 2000, she went to Ruzhou to see a doctor. Hardly had she gotten off the bus in Ruzhou when her mental illness relapsed. She stood in the middle of the road and was injured by a vehicle. All rescue measures failed, and she died on June 9, 2000. This unreasonable shrew was punished for resisting God!

35. Li XX, female, aged 52, from Xin’an County, a leader of the Liberal Group. Since 1998, the brothers and sisters had preached the end-time work of Almighty God to her many times, but every time she condemned and blasphemed God. Once, after she fiercely drove a gospel preacher away, she went to the home of a sister who had just accepted the work of Almighty God and intimidated her, saying, “I tell you, if you accept Almighty God, when a disaster or anything bad happens to you in the future, don’t come to me for help.” In May 1999, a small lump on Li’s arm began to grow and turned into a big one. Upon examination, it was dignosed as cancer, which had already spread. Moreover, her legs became dead and unable to move, and she was bedridden. Later, her mouth ulcerated so badly that she could not even drink water. On July 31, 1999, Li died in agony. This time it was she who met disaster, and she could not even preserve her own life.

36. Guo XX, female, aged 35, from Deting Township in Songxian County, a junior leader of the Spiritual Church. During 1997 and 1998, the brothers and sisters testified to her the end-time work of Almighty God many times, but every time she wantonly blasphemed God and condemned God’s work. Despite her pregnancy, she rushed here and there to hinder others from returning to God. Her mother wanted to accept Almighty God, but she did not dare to after being disturbed by her. On January 20, 1999, after her delivery, Guo started vomiting and having diarrhea. Before arriving at the hospital, she breathed her last. Her death was awful. That was truly retribution to her!

37. Jiang X, male, aged 54, from Checun Town in Songxian County, a senior leader of the Justification by Faith Church. In September 1999, two people went to preach the end-time work of Almighty God to his neighbor. When he learned of that, he immediately rushed to his neighbor’s house to stop them. He pointed his finger at the gospel preachers and hurled a torrent of abuse at them, “I dare say the one you believe in is the devil, an evil spirit, a heresy, and a false christ. You all are the roaring lions prowling around…. Don’t try to drag my people….” This man was really malicious and arrogant! On December3, 1999, while Jiang was tearing down a house, a wall suddenly collapsed, and he was crushed into a meat pie and died miserably on the spot. In less than three months after he did evil, he died a miserable death. Truly, whoever resists will die!

38. Wang X, female, aged 34, from Minquan County in Shangqiu City, a preacher of the Justification by Faith Church. In February 1999, when God’s end-time salvation came to her, she not only refused to accept it, but she went to the meetinghouse and spread these words: “Anyone who leaves the Bible is a false christ who deceives people. If anyone comes to preach it to me again, I will go to the Religious Affairs Bureau to report him….” She also went everywhere to seal the meeting places, hindering others from accepting the true way. One night in November 1999, after Wang got home from a meeting, she was strangled by her husband with a V-belt, and her body was sawed into four pieces. She died without a full corpse. This devil was cursed for resisting God!

39. Zhou XX, female, aged 60, from Zhoukou City, a believer of the Praise Church, whose family was a host family. Since November 1995, the brothers and sisters had preached the end-time work of Almighty God to her many times, but every time she had her husband drive the gospel preachers away. In October 1998, her daughter also preached it to her, but she still refused to accept and drove her daughter out of her house. On January 19, 2000, at the funeral of her mother-in-law, Zhou met her daughter and son-in-law (both of them followed Almighty God), and she blasphemed and slandered, saying: “You surely have believed in an evil way. The one you believe in is a female Jesus, a human, an evil spirit….” The next day, Zhou went somewhere by van. On the way, the van bumped into a tree. At that time, there were more than ten people in it. All the others were slightly injured, but only she became unconscious outright. Before arriving at the hospital, she kicked the bucket.

40. Xia XX, male, aged 44, from Xiangcheng City, a deacon of the Way of Resurrection Church. In February 1999, when some people preached the end-time gospel of Almighty God to him, he rejected it and even slandered and blasphemed Almighty God, and he also frightened the brothers and sisters, saying, “What you believe in is a cult….” One day in early December, Xia went to the home of a brother who believed in Almighty God and hurled insults at the brother, and he also said threateningly, “Where is God? I just don’t believe it. I will send every one of you to the Public Security Bureau and let you all die without knowing why.” The very next morning, Xia was suddenly attacked by an acute disease. Upon examination, he was found to have pleurisy. On the night of the New Year’s Day of 2000, Xia’s condition suddenly worsened, and while the people of his church were praying for him, he went to the netherworld. He had never expected that he would suffer retribution for resisting Almighty God.

41. Liu XX, male, aged 57, from Xiangcheng City, a mid-level leader of the Local Church. In September 1997, two people went to preach God’s end-time work to him, but instead of listening, he drove the gospel preachers out of his house. In August 1998, some others preached Almighty God to the people of his church. When he learned of that, he took the administrative village cadres with him and stopped the gospel preachers on the way. He stood by and said gloatingly, “See, I have told you not to come to preach Almighty God, but you still do it. Now, you have to behave yourself, don’t you?” In July 2000, someone else went to preach God’s end-time work to him, but he still strongly resisted it, and he also blasphemed and condemned, saying, “God, God, God, where is God? What does God look like? What you believe in is a heresy, a cult. You people are all evil!” From then on, he often spoke something slandering and blaspheming God, and he also sealed the meeting places. On the afternoon of December 31, 2000, when Liu was riding his bicycle to a meeting, he fell headlong into the mud under the arch of a treacherous bridge beside the road and never woke up again. Even a bridge arch could devour a man’s life. A villain who resists God will suffer disaster at any place!

42. Wu XX, female, aged 45, from Zhengyang County, a county-level leader of the Born Again Church. In December 1995, after she learned that two sisters in her church had accepted God’s end-time work, she began to spread these words in every meeting place: “They two are directed by heretics. You mustn’t contact them. Once you do, you will be poisoned and can’t be cured.” Moreover, she condemned and blasphemed God’s flesh and called the believers in Almighty God the “Seven Spirits sect.” She also informed all the other born-again churches in her county and told them to reject Almighty God. In 1997, Wu received punishment. She got oral cancer, and spent over 10,000 yuan on the treatment in Henan Provincial Tumor Hospital. But she still did not wake up. In the end, her condition deteriorated progressively. The flesh of her gums and inside cheeks rotted and sloughed off and her face was deformed, and she could not eat and drink anything all day. She was racked with pain and had to depend on intravenous fluids to sustain her life. On September 5, 1998, Wu died in extreme agony. In less than one year after her death, her husband also died of liver cancer. This devil had showed her true colors and deserved to be cut off!

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