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665 God Uses Real Environments to Change People

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665 God Uses Real Environments to Change People

1 In order to restore the likeness of a normal person, that is, to achieve having normal humanity, people cannot merely please God with their words. They are harming themselves by doing so, and it brings no benefit to their entry and transformation. Therefore, to attain transformation, people must practice little by little, enter slowly, seek and explore bit by bit, enter in from the positive, and live a practical life of truth, a life of the saints. From now on, it involves real matters, real things, and real environments, allowing people to have practical training. It does not require them to pay any lip service; instead, it requires training in real environments. People come to realize that they are of poor caliber, and then they have the proper eating and drinking of God’s words, proper entry, and proper practice; this is how they obtain reality, and this is how entry may occur even more rapidly.

2 To transform people, there must be some practicality, they must practice with real matters, real things, and real environments. By merely relying on church life, it is impossible for them to achieve true training and enter into reality. If man is unable to enter into real life, then he is unable to transform his old ways of doing things and living life. You must enter in and practice by targeting one thing, one matter, one person. You must do things with focus—only then can you attain results. To transform people, it must begin with their substance. The work must be targeted on people’s substance, their life, on the laziness, dependency, and slavishness of people, and only in this way can they be transformed.

Adapted from “Discussing Church Life and Real Life”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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