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Praise Song “Praise God with a Single Heart”

Praise Song "Praise God with a Single Heart"

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1. If you want to sing, sing loudly (la la la la). If you want to dance, rise to dance (la la la la). Eat and drink God’s word if you want; pray as you like. Contemplate, pray-read, and fellowship (la la la la); meditate, ponder, and commune more with God (la la la la). Praise can be in any form, and the praise life is varied. As long as we can be released in spirit, don’t keep regulations or be restrained. To have enjoyment in each praising, let’s follow the guidance and illumination of God’s word.

2. Brothers and sisters, get lively (la la la la). Be simple and open, and we’ll be released (la la la la). Have fewer misgivings, and pay attention to the guidance of God’s word. All of us are God’s people (la la la la), and have a duty to contribute our parts (la la la la). Don’t say you can’t do it and just set your eyes on others. You contribute your part to the meeting and I contribute mine. Fellowship about God’s words with one mind, and the Holy Spirit will work greatly.

3. To have enjoyment in the meeting (la la la la), we should seek more in God’s word (la la la la). After understanding God’s heart, we’ll be released and free. To achieve results in each eating and drinking (la la la la) and reach the climax in each praising (la la la la), we have to coordinate harmoniously and praise God with a single heart. How precious are the practical words! Brothers and sisters, open our heart. The more we eat, drink, and fellowship, the more released we’ll be; God’s heart is glad and we are proud.

4. Brothers and sisters, we can get together to praise God today. Do you know that it doesn’t come easily? We have experienced hardships, persecutions, tribulations, and slanders, as well as frame-ups from the great red dragon, tasting all bitters and sorrows, but our heart has been unwavering, our heart has been unwavering. Practical God’s energy and effort spent on us are beyond counting. We should be faithful and testify for God. This is even more true praise for God. La la la la…. La la la la….

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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