Almighty God’s Word “What Service Is After God’s Heart”

  • Almighty God's Word "What Service Is After God’s Heart"

    Almighty God says, "If you wish to serve to the will of God, first of all you need to understand what kind of person God likes, what kind of person He hates, what kind of person He perfects, and what kind of person has the qualifications to serve God. These are the least you need to know. Moreover you should understand the purpose of God’s work, what work He needs to get done now. Once you have understood this, you should first make entry and accept God’s commission through the guidance of God’s word. When you have real experiences of God’s word and true knowledge of God’s work, then you will be qualified to serve God. God will open your spiritual eyes when you serve Him, so that you will better understand and be clearer about His work. When you enter into this reality, your experience will be deeper and become more real. Those who have experienced this can walk among the churches supplying the brothers and sisters, so that you can complement each other and be enriched in your spiritual knowledge. Once you have achieved this, you can serve to the will of God, and will be perfected by Him in the process."