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680 Walk the Last Leg of the Path Well

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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680 Walk the Last Leg of the Path Well

In the past, you thought that believing in God was very simple, and that was because God was not being serious with you. But now, do you think that believing in God is simple? Do you still feel that believing in God is as happy and carefree as children playing in the street? It is true that you are sheep, however, you must be able to walk the path that you should walk in order to repay God’s grace, and to entirely gain the God you believe in. Do not play games with yourselves—do not fool yourselves! If you can make this leg of the path, you will be able to see the unprecedented, grand scene of God’s gospel work spreading throughout the entire universe, and you will have the good fortune to be God’s intimate, and to play your part in expanding God’s work throughout the universe. At that time, you will very gladly continue to walk the path that you should walk. The future will be boundlessly bright, but the primary thing now is to walk this last leg of the path well. You must seek, and prepare for how to do this. This is what you must do right now—this is a matter of urgency now!

Adapted from “How You Should Walk the Final Stretch of the Path”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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