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What Blinds Man Most Is His Imagination


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What Blinds Man Most Is His Imagination

Not long ago, an assistant of mine was transferred away. The brother in charge of my work asked me to select a new one from the church leaders. I thought: The two churches have more difficulties and the works of various aspects are poorly done compared with other churches. So, this new assistant to be selected must be energetic, can expend himself full time, and won’t fear the brothers’ and sisters’ complaints of difficulties. Then, I weighed again and again the several church leaders in my mind, but after repeated consideration I thought none of them was suitable. Some of them were old and had difficulty in walking; some had not much burden for the work; some were new believers who had just accepted God’s end-time work, despite their enthusiasm, could not withstand the brothers’ and sisters’ complaints of difficulties, and still some had a better knowledge of the truth but were too busy at home to come out. Because of this, I was made dizzy. It was really hard and tiring! More than ten days passed in a flash, but the assistant still hadn’t been selected. I really got worried and thought: Simply ask my leader to transfer one over here from another small district. But I thought again: It is too disgraceful that I’m unable to pick out an assistant from my own small district but have to ask to transfer one from another small district. Ay, forget it! There are only two churches, aren’t there? I will simply lead them myself. And I will go to visit them after my fellowship with the two second-line directors and the other assistant.

Two days later, the brother in charge of the work met me. He asked me if I had found someone as my assistant. I said I could not, and I told him the reason why I could not and my plan. Upon hearing my words, the brother said hurriedly, “You yourself lead the churches? You want to take on everything? The administrative structure of God’s family is well organized. How will it do with one link missing? You could not find one and that’s because you did not do it according to the requirements in the work arrangement but completely by your own imagination.”

What the brother said woke me up. Right! The work arrangement says, “The main task of the leaders of each level of the church is to lead the chosen people into the reality of God’s word by eating and drinking and enjoying God’s word and fellowshipping about the knowledge of the truth. …So in selecting a leader of each level of the church, we should first see whether he eats and drinks God’s word and understands the truth purely and correctly and whether he fellowships about the truth clearly. His conditions in other aspects are not important. He will be qualified if his human nature is not too bad.” However, the assistant I wanted to find was one who was energetic, could expend himself full time, and wouldn’t fear the brothers’ and sisters’ complaints of difficulties. Isn’t this totally my personal ideas? I did the work of God’s family yet did not act according to the work arrangements but according to my own imaginations. Was I not too arrogant and too self-opinionated? Having thought of this, I immediately prayed to God: “O God, I am really too disobedient and arrogant! I did things without seeking your will, not according to the work arrangements but by my own imaginations. As a result, the work has been held up. Now, I am willing to drop my own imaginations. May you lead me in this matter.”

After dropping my own imaginations, I went to fellowship with a church leader, who I had thought could not come out of her home, and asked her to undertake the commission as a small-district assistant. I did not expect that she immediately accepted it. I was really surprised and happy, but with a little uncertainty about that. So, I asked her: “Are you able to come out of your home?” She replied: “Everything is in God’s hand. As long as I genuinely rely on God, he will open up a way for me.” After hearing these words, I really felt ashamed of myself. Previously I selected people according to my imaginations and measured the brothers and sisters according to my own standard, thinking that there was no suitable candidate in the church. Today, God uses the fact to let me see that as long as I do the work according to the work arrangements, God will surely uphold his work and display his deeds.

Through this matter, I have realized that man’s imaginations blind him most, causing him to disrupt God’s work unconsciously and to resist God while serving God. Man’s imaginations entrap himself too much! From now on, no matter what I do, I will seek God’s will, do it strictly according to the work arrangements, and no longer resist God by acting according to my own imagination.

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