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29. What is possession by demons? How is possession by demons manifested?

Witnesses for Christ of the Last Days

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29. What is possession by demons? How is possession by demons manifested?

Relevant Words of God:

Tell Me, do you know what spirit you are of? Are you able to feel your soul? Are you able to touch your soul? Are you able to sense what your soul is doing? You don’t know, do you? If you are able to feel and touch some such thing, then it is another spirit inside you forcefully doing something—controlling your actions and words. It is something extraneous to you, not of yourself. Those with an evil spirit have deep experience with this.

from “How to Understand the Oneness of God’s Flesh and Spirit” in Records of Christ’s Talks

If, during the present day, there is to emerge a person who is able to display signs and wonders, and can cast out demons, and heal the sick, and perform many miracles, and if this person claims that they are Jesus who has come, then this would be the counterfeit of evil spirits, and their imitation of Jesus. Remember this! God does not repeat the same work. Jesus’ stage of work has already been completed, and God will never again undertake that stage of work.

from “Knowing God’s Work Today” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If in the last days a “God” the same as Jesus appeared, one who healed the sick, cast out demons, and was crucified for man, that “God,” though identical to the description of God in the Bible and easy for man to accept, would not, in its essence, be the flesh worn by the Spirit of God, but by an evil spirit.

from “The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

There are some who are possessed by evil spirits and cry out vociferously, “I am God!” Yet, in the end, they are unable to stand fast, for they are wrong in what they represent. They represent Satan, and the Holy Spirit pays them no heed. However highly you exalt yourself or however strongly you cry out, you are still a created being and one that belongs to Satan. … If you are unable to make way for a new age, or to bring the old to an end, or to usher in a new age, or to do new work, then you cannot be called God!

from “The Mystery of the Incarnation (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

People possessed by demons are those who have been penetrated and controlled by evil spirits. The main manifestation is psychosis, or sometimes being of unsound mind and complete loss of normal reason. They believe in God but are unable to accept the truth and can only disturb others. Therefore, they believe in God but cannot be saved and must be expelled. The majority of people who are possessed by evil spirits act as lackeys of Satan and disturb the work of God. The ten main manifestations are as follows:

1. All those who pretend to be God or Christ are possessed by evil spirits.

2. All those who pretend to have spirits of angels are possessed by evil spirits.

3. All those who pretend to be another God incarnate are possessed by evil spirits.

4. All those who describe words spoken by God as their own words or make people treat their words as the words of God are possessed by evil spirits.

5. All those who pretend to be used by the Holy Spirit to make people follow and obey them are possessed by evil spirits.

6. All those who often speak in tongues, interpret tongues and can see all kinds of supernatural visions, or often point out sins of others are possessed by evil spirits.

7. All those who often hear supernatural voices of spirits and often hear the sounds of spirits or see ghosts and all those who are clearly somewhat not right in the head have been possessed by evil spirits.

8. All those who have lost their minds, tell lies frequently, often speak to themselves, talk nonsense or often say that God has instructed them and that the Holy Spirit has touched them have also been possessed by evil spirits.

9. All those who have psychotic episodes, behave stupidly, cannot talk to people normally and are sometimes crazy and not all there are people who have been possessed by evil spirits. All those who are classified as homosexual are a type of people possessed by demons and among those who are to be expelled.

10. Some people are usually quite normal but may, in a few months or one or two years, be provoked and develop a mental disorder, and at the time of the disorder they are completely the same as those who have been possessed by demons. Although these people are sometimes normal, they are also classified as being possessed by evil spirits. (If someone had had a mental disorder many years ago, but not for many years afterward, could understand and accept the truth in believing in God, and had some changes, they would not be classified as being possessed by evil spirits.)

A person possessed by demons is completely occupied and controlled by Satan, belongs to Satan and is cursed.

from “In Order to Do Church Work Well One Must Be Able to Discern Between Several Kinds of People” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

If there were someone who was able to tell us about things that we do not know about, if they could talk about the things that will happen in the future and the situations that our country will encounter, these may not necessarily be God’s words. An evil spirit can also do this. For example, you ask this person, “What situations will I encounter in the future?” They tell you what kind of disasters you will encounter or when you will die or what will happen to your family in the future. Many of these things will come true as predicted. However, the fact that they can talk about these matters does not mean that this is what God is. This is not within the scope of God’s work. You must see through this. This is an evil spirit meddling in other people’s business. God would not do these things. What work does God do when He incarnates? God comes to do the work of saving mankind. He does not come to predict what will happen to this or that person, to what age they will live to, how many kids they will have or at what times they will encounter difficulties. Does God predict these things? God does not predict these things. Would you say that God knows of these things? God is fully knowledgeable of these things because God created everything in heaven and earth. Only God is most knowledgeable of these things. The things that evil spirits know, on the contrary, are limited. What do evil spirits know? Evil spirits know the destinies of individual people, nations and ethnic groups. However, they do not know something about God’s management. They do not know about the end of mankind. They do not know the real destination that mankind will enter. They do not know when the world will come to an end and they do not know when God’s kingdom will come. They also do not know what the beautiful scenes of God’s kingdom will be like. Evil spirits do not know these things. Only God knows about these matters. This is why God is omniscient. The things that evil spirits know are very limited. We know that the world’s greatest prophet has talked about how certain things will happen in the last days. It has already come true now. However, he does not know about the work of God in the last days. He does not know what God comes to accomplish and he does not know how the Millennial Kingdom will be realized. He does not know which people will survive and be able to enter God’s kingdom and he does not know the future of God’s kingdom. There are no evil spirits that know about these things. Only God Himself knows. That is why evil spirits are impotent when it comes to matters involved with God’s management plan. If you ask them, “What will my destiny be like? How will my family situation be like?” Some evil spirits will be able to tell you about these things. However, if you ask them, “Will my faith in God provide a destination for me? Will I be able to survive?” They do not know. The knowledge of evil spirits is very limited. If evil spirits are limited in the things that they can talk about, can they be God? They cannot. They are just evil spirits. Suppose there really were someone, an evil spirit, who is able to talk about things that people do not know about. He can talk about someone’s future and the things that they did in the past. If some people think that this person is really God-like, aren’t they absolutely absurd? This confirms that they do not understand God at all. You think this evil spirit is capable of miraculous things. You treat it as if it were God. Do you know about God’s almightiness? That is why, today, if we have an understanding of God’s almightiness and if we have an understanding of God’s work, no matter what miracles and marvels evil spirits display, we will not be deceived. This is because there is at least one thing that man can confirm: Evil spirits are not the truth. They are unable to do God’s work. They are not the Creator. They cannot save mankind. All they can do is corrupt mankind.

from “The Differences Between the Work of God and Man” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (II)

There are only two kinds of situation where evil spirits deceive man: One kind is the supernatural work of evil spirits, and the other kind is the reincarnation of evil spirits. Those who resist God, and resist the truth like the great red dragon demon are also evil spirits, and they are more insidious, more malicious evil spirits. Some evil spirits possess people’s bodies at some point in their lives; some evil spirits like the great red dragon are reincarnated as demons. Their appearance is not in the least supernatural, but they frenziedly resist the truth, wildly oppose God and resist God. Although on the outside there is no supernatural work of evil spirits, and you cannot see the traces of possession by devils, they do belong to demons reborn. Reincarnated demons are normal and not supernatural, but they are hostile to the truth, that is quite obvious. Do you think that the great red dragon is a group of demons? But can you see that they have been possessed by devils or have the work of evil spirits? You cannot see that, they are very normal, this then shows that they belong to reincarnated demons. All politicians and heads of government who resist God are demons reborn. If you say that only people who have the work of evil spirits are possessed by demons, and are evil spirits, then are those who are demons reborn not evil spirits? This doesn’t conform to reality. So some evil spirits disguise themselves more deeply and you cannot discern them, they belong to reincarnated demons.

from “Questions & Answers” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (VIII)

Those possessed by evil spirits mainly act insane and have already lost their mind. Some talk nonsense and only speak lies and some act silly and crazy. There are slight differences in their behavior. There are several situations where people are possessed by evil spirits: Some have been possessed by evil spirits in the past and afterward are sometimes good and sometimes bad; some usually act normally and become unwell when they encounter the evil spirits’ work, but they are just like normal people when they are not unwell; some appear very normal on the outside, but if you observe them carefully you will discover that they are not normal. And the homosexuals who refuse to mend their ways are also classified as being possessed by evil spirits.

from “Two Kinds of People That Most Disturb the Work of God’s Family Must Be Purged” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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