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628 What Saddens God Most of All

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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628 What Saddens God Most of All

1 The efforts I have devoted to man prove My substance of love for man, and man’s every action before Me proves his substance of loathing toward the truth and opposition to Me. At all times, I am concerned for all who follow Me, yet at no time are those who follow Me able to receive My words; they are not even able to accept My suggestions. This is what saddens Me most of all. No one has ever been able to understand Me and nor, moreover, has anyone ever been able to accept Me, even though My attitude is sincere, and My words are gentle.

2 Everyone tries to do the work I have entrusted to them according to their own ideas; they do not seek My intentions, let alone do they ask what I require of them. They still claim to serve Me loyally, all while they rebel against Me. Many believe that the truths that are unacceptable to them or that they cannot practice are not truths. In such people, My truths become something that is denied and cast aside. At the same time, people recognize Me as God in word, yet also believe Me an outsider who is not the truth, the way, or the life.

Adapted from “You Ought to Consider Your Deeds”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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