Whoever Pursues the Truth Can Be Perfected

In the years of my believing in God, I always thought that those who were leaders in God’s family could certainly be perfected by God and would be priests, sons, or people in the kingdom, whereas those who handled general affairs, those who preached the gospel, or those who did hosting would certainly be serving ones in the kingdom and they were not easy to be perfected by God. So, I believed that performing any other function was not as good as being a leader.

One day, I met with my leader. I happened to see a copy of The Replies to the Questions from the Churches in Various Places, a piece of the brother’s fellowship, and some communication articles on life experience. Then I took them over and began to read. When I had just read a few pages, the leader took them away as he said he had something to do. Now I was even more certain that my view was right. I thought, “It’s better to be a leader, after all. He can get anything first and is easy to be perfected by God. I, who preach the gospel, am in an unfavorable condition. I eat and drink God’s word less and attend meetings less. And I am not even given the fellowship to read. It seems that I have no chance to be perfected.” The more I thought, the more I felt distressed. I went home and had a good cry. Since then, I lost faith in God, and did not want to pray either. Sometimes I picked up the book of God’s word, but at the thought of that matter, I felt gnawingly sad and was no longer in the mood to read. I thought, “I cannot be perfected by God anyway; what is the use of my pursuit? I will simply follow perfunctorily like this, muddling along until God’s work ends.” Thus, I always lived in a passive state, being unable to turn around over a long time.

One evening, when I was unhappy for that matter again, God’s words inspired and enlightened me: “Now even if you are not a worker, you should perform your duty as a created being, pursue to submit to God’s arrangement in everything, and obey whatever God says, and you should be able to experience any tribulation and refining, and should love God in your heart though you are weak. Those who are responsible for their life are the ones who are willing to fulfill their duty as a created being. The viewpoint of such people’s pursuit is right. The ones God needs are such people.” “Whether a person can be saved is not decided according to how much work he does or how much he consecrates but according to whether he knows the work of the Holy Spirit, whether he practices the truth, and whether the viewpoint of his pursuit is in accordance with the truth.” “Everyone has the opportunity to be perfected. As long as you are willing and as long as you pursue, in the end the results will be produced on every one of you, and none of you will be cast away. If you are poor in qualities, you will be given requirements according to your being poor in qualities. If you are good in qualities, you will be given requirements according to your being good in qualities. If you are ignorant and illiterate, you will be given requirements according to this condition. If you are literate, you will be given requirements according to the standard of being literate. If you are old, you will be given requirements according to your being old. If you can do hosting, you will be given requirements according to your being able to do hosting. If you say that you cannot do hosting but can only perform some other function, preaching the gospel, taking care of the church, or doing some other general affairs, you will be perfected according to the function you perform.” At that moment, I was suddenly enlightened within. I knew that whether one can be perfected does not depend on his position being high or low, nor on his work being big or small, nor on his contribution being much or little, but on whether the path he walks and his viewpoint of pursuit are right. No matter what function one performs in God’s family, as long as the way he walks is right and his viewpoint of pursuit is right, he can be perfected. If the way he walks is wrong, no matter how high his position is, he will be eliminated all the same. Whoever he is, as long as he truly pursues the truth, he can gain the truth. As long as he is faithful in his commission, he can be perfected. This is because God comes to perfect all those who truly believe in him, not to perfect the leaders alone, and God’s truth, way, and life are open to all those who pursue the truth, not to the leaders alone. Thank God for his inspiration. I felt much relieved all at once, and the heavy weight fell off my heart at last. O God! Thank you for inspiring me so that I have realized my wrong viewpoint of pursuit. From now on, I will pursue the truth in a down-to-earth manner and pursue to be perfected by you.

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