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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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310 Yearning for God

Verse 1

Oh God, oh God, dear God!

With You, so sweet is our every day.

You walk in the churches,

and we hear Your voice and the word You say.

Chorus 1

It is bliss, because You water, sustain us and guide us,

so that we could see the truth

and grow in our lives, we grow,

so that we could live out a human likeness.

Oh God, oh God, we cannot forget Your love,

Your deep love for us.

Verse 2

Oh God, oh God, dear God!

Your words are the truth and are rooted in us.

They cleanse us every day,

we’re slowly freed from Satan’s corruption.

Chorus 2

It is bliss to practice Your words and to live before You.

We do our duty, life is so sweet and so full of joy, so sweet.

Thank You for Your judgment and purification.

Oh God, oh God, we will always think of You,

we will think of You.

Verse 3

Oh God, oh God, dear God!

You keep us standing through Satan’s persecution.

We’ve suffered in trials,

and we have grown up in our lives.

Chorus 3

It is bliss to see how wondrous and wise is Your work,

to see how Your work is

inscrutable, practical, so practical.

You use Satan’s forces to perfect Your people.

Oh God, oh God, Your righteousness and holiness

is so worthy of praise.

Verse 4

Oh God, oh God, dear God!

Your words lead us to the right path in life.

You judge and chastise us.

We’re saved, and we live in the light.

Chorus 4

It is bliss to receive Your love that won’t be forgotten.

We do our best to follow

Your teachings in our lives, in our lives.

We will uphold the true way forever.

Oh God, oh God, we’ll always bear witness for You.

Forever, we will love You.

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