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Testimonies of Experiences Before the Judgment Seat of Christ

1Every Word of God Is an Expression of His Disposition
2I Am Unfit to See Christ
3Who Knows the Motherly Heart of God?
4I See the Path to Knowing God
5God’s Words Led Me Out of the Woods
6Breaking Free From the Shackles
7The Holy Spirit Works in a Principled Way
8A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved
9Shaking Off the Shackles of the Spirit
10You Can’t Discern a Person by Their Appearance
11A Battle of Life and Death
12The Importance of Coordination in Service
13There Is a Way to Resolve Arrogance
14Only This Is a Truly Good Person
15The Secret Held Deep Within My Heart
16What Lies Behind Lies
17It’s Not Easy to Truly Know Yourself
18There Is No Special Treatment in the Church
19Service of This Kind Is Truly Contemptible
20The Essence of Abusing Power for Personal Revenge
21I Was Not Following Peter’s Path
22Don’t Find New Tricks When Serving God
23God’s Words Have Awakened Me
24I Have Seen My True Colors
25Why Engage in Trickery When Serving God?
26I Saw My True Stature Clearly
27A Haughty Spirit Before a Fall
28After Losing My Status
29The Work of God Is So Wise
30What Is the Nature of God’s Love?
31Persecution and Adversity Helped Me to Grow Up
32A Turn for the Better on the Road of Believing in God
33Why Haven’t I Changed After So Many Years of Faith?
34A Guileless Person Is Not an Honest Person
35Reflections on Being Replaced
36I Will No Longer Be Blinded by Good Intentions
37Using God’s Word as a Mirror
38It Is So Important to Obey the Work of the Holy Spirit
39The Finest Gift God Has Given Me
40I Learned to Coordinate With Others
41The Only Way to Avoid Disaster
42Judging by Appearances Is Just Absurd
43Whatever God Says Is the Very Judgment of Man
44What Is Truly Accepting Truth?
45The Real Meaning of Rebellion Against God
46The True Face of a So-called Good Person
47This Is Putting Truth Into Practice
48A True Partnership
49It’s Not Easy Being an Honest Person
50What Is a Genuine Practice of the Truth?
51The True Reason for Ineffective Work
52The Secrets Hidden Behind My Pursuit
53Experiencing God’s Special Love
54Be Strict With Oneself First in Order to Discipline Others
55I’ve Had a Taste of God’s Salvation
56There Is Great Happiness in Being Honest
57A Brief Talk About the Source of the World’s Darkness and Evil
58My Life Principles Left Me So Damaged
59I Am Willing to Accept the Supervision of All
60Throwing off Shackles Is Liberating
61Jealousy—the Chronic Illness of the Heart
62Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisees?
63Only by Understanding the Truth Can You Truly Know Yourself
64I Enjoyed a Rich Banquet
65Only by Entering Into the Truth Myself May I Truly Help Others
66Tear Off the Mask and Start Life Afresh
67Through the Great Tribulation, I Have Reaped Great Benefits
68I Can Finally Live Out a Bit of Human Likeness
69A Rebirth
70The Transformation of a Fallen Man
71An Arrogant Believer’s Process of Transformation
72I Have Only Just Begun Walking the Right Path of Life
73Judgment Is the Light
74Embarking on the Path of Belief in God
75The Riches of Life
76Pledging My Life to Devotion
77Tasting the Love of God in the Midst of Adversity
78Sufferings and Trials—the Blessings of Being Favored
79Tribulation Inspired My Love for God
80A Youth Without Regret
81Rising Up From Dark Oppression