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Christian Crosstalk | Where Is the Religious Freedom for the Chinese? | "An Unwelcome Shadow" 20:37
Christian Short Sketch "A Warning From History" (English Skit) 25:12
English Christian Skit "We Must Be Dreaming!" | Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven Through Hard Work 20:54
Christian Crosstalk "A Wrong Turn" | Heed the Voice of God and You Will Not Lose Your Way 15:28
Christian Crosstalk "Waking Up" | The Lord Is Knocking on the Door—Come and Meet the Lord 16:29
Christian Crosstalk | "Tracking Service" | Tear off the False Mask of China's Religious Freedom 17:49
Christian Crosstalk | "Electronic Eyes All Over the City" | Truth of the CCP Controlling Christians 16:01
Christian Short Sketch "The Police Pay a New Year Visit II" | The Church of Almighty God 23:55
Christian Crosstalk | "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" | Carry the Cross and Follow the Lord 15:57
Christian Skit | "The Stakeout" | Who Has Forced Christians to Leave Home and Live in Exile 25:12
Christian Skit | "Starving for Fear of Choking" | Why Can't Foolish Virgins Meet the Lord's Return? 24:32
Praise and Worship Song "God's Love Brings Us Close Together" (Male Solo) 4:15
Christian Skit | "My Father, the Pastor" | A Truth Debate on the Bible 23:49
The Judgement of God Is the Grace of God | "The Most Wonderful Blessing" (A Real-Life Story) 22:57
Praise and Worship Song | Christians Love God Until Death | "Life's Testimony" 6:04
Crosstalk "Our Pastor Said …" | Who Should We Listen to as We Believe in God?  (English Dubbed) 15:49
Christian Song | God Is Love | "Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind" 6:38
Gospel Music | Worship God Forever | "The Sky Here Is So Blue" 5:08