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Christian Video "The Revelation of an Antichrist" | Beware of the Pharisees in the Last Days (Skit) 27:40
2019 Christian Video "God's New Name" | When the Lord Returns, Will He Still Be Called Jesus? (Skit) 23:12
2019 Praise and Worship Hymn | "Everything God Does for Man Is Sincere" 5:18
2019 Praise and Worship Song | "We Are Fortunate to Meet With God's Coming" 3:08
2019 Christian Crosstalk "An Antichrist in the Church" | Be Careful! Don't Be Deceived by Pharisees 20:30
Christian Crosstalk "There Is Only One God" | Is the Theory of Trinity in Line With the Lord's Word? 21:03
Christian Video "The True Cannot Be False" | How to Discern the True Christ and False Christs (Skit) 20:06
2019 Christian Video | "Look! That's a Modern Day Pharisee!" (English Skit) 26:31
2019 English Christian Video | "Believers in the Son Have Everlasting Life" (Crosstalk) 19:31
2019 Christian Crosstalk | "Who Are the Wise Virgins?" 19:05
2019 Christian Video "Have You Truly Repented?" 24:46
2019 Christian Skit "Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven If We Gain Salvation?" (English Dubbed) 24:04
Christian Crosstalk "Going Outside the Bible" | Can We Gain Eternal Life by Keeping to the Bible? 18:11
Christian Crosstalk "Last Days' Pharisees" | Who Blocks Christians From Welcoming Lord Jesus' Return 18:22
2019 Gospel Praise Song "All the Way in Your Company" | Thank You Lord for Leading Me 3:53
2019 Christian video | "Wishful Thinking" | Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven by Following Paul? 28:11
English Christian Video "Electronic Eyes All Over the City" (2018 Crosstalk) 15:18
English Christian Video "Community 'Scouts'" (2018 Short Sketch) 17:24