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    When the Lord Jesus was crucified, He said, “It is finished.” It proves that God’s work of saving mankind has been accomplished. Why are you saying God has carried out another work of judging, purifying and saving man?

    “When Jesus came, He also did part of God’s work, and spoke some words—but what was the main work He accomplished? What He mainly accomplished was the work of crucifixion. He became an image of sinful flesh to complete the work of crucifixion and redeem all mankind, and it was for the sake of all mankind’s sin that He served as a sin offering. This is the main work He accomplished.”

  • The Church of Almighty God Gospel Q&A

    VIII Questions and Answers About the Inside Story of the Bible

    Almighty God tells us, “All that is recorded within the Bible is limited and unable to represent all the work of God. The Four Gospels have fewer than one hundred chapters altogether in which are written a finite number of happenings, such as Jesus cursing the fig tree, Peter’s three denials of the Lord, Jesus appearing to the disciples following His crucifixion and resurrection, teaching about fasting, teaching about prayer, teaching about divorce, the bi ...

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