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Gospel Music "Follow the Holy Spirit's New Work and Gain God's Praise" 3:18
Christian English Song | "Humanity’s Only Path to Enter Into Rest" 4:38
Christian Song | "Corrupt Mankind Needs the Salvation of God Incarnate" 5:31
Gospel Music | "God Incarnate of the Last Days Mainly Does the Work of Words" 4:33
God's Warning in the Last Days | "Only If Mankind Worships the True God Can They Have a Good Fate" 4:07
The Lord God Almighty Has Appeared | Christian Song | "None Can Do God's Work in His Stead" 4:55
How to Know God? | Christian Song | "God's Righteous Disposition Is Unique" 4:15
God Is Holy and Just | Christian Song | "The Symbolic Meaning of God's Wrath" 5:46
Christian Song | "Christ Is the Incarnate God Himself" | Eastern Lightning 3:51
Gospel Music "In the Age of Kingdom God Perfects Man by Words" | God's Word Is the Bread of Life 3:22
Gospel Music 2018 "God Treasures Those Who Can Listen to and Obey Him" (Newest A Cappella Song) 2:52
The Blessing of God | Gospel music "God's Chastisement and Judgment Is the Light of Man's Salvation" 4:32
God's Judgement in the Last Days | Christian Song | "The Symbolic Meaning of God’s Wrath" 5:51
Christian Song | God Is Sovereign Over all Things | "None Can Hinder God's Work" 3:41
Best Christian Song | How Great Is the Love | "The Incarnate God Silently Works to Save Man" 4:00
How Great Is the Love of God | Christian Song | "The Incarnate God Is Most Lovable" 2:35
Do You Really Know God | Christian Song | "God Is Abundantly Merciful and Profoundly Wrathful" 9:45