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God’s Blessings: I May Not Be Rich, but I’m Very Fortunate

In modern society, everyone puts money above all and wants to make a load of money, and Bong was no different. To make money, Bong did not hesitate to sacrifice his own health, and he became caught in the inescapable whirlpool of money. It was the timely arrival of God’s loving hand that saved Bong from this wrong path and, afterward, he no longer toiled to become wealthy, but instead focused on pursuing the truth to repay God’s love. Bong’s spirit then feels unparalleled freedom and he comes to have a deep sense of how fortunate he has been.

No Longer Working Flat Out for Money, I Find a Happy Life

To avoid being looked down on by others, she tries desperately to make money, and ends up draining a bitter draught of pain. Bewildered and lost, God’s words give her a new direction in life, she no longer works flat out for money, and she begins to live a life of happiness.

My Husband Had an Affair—How Can I Escape the Pain

These days a lot of people are living in pain because of betrayals in marriage, and she is no exception. However, in the end she is finally able to come out from the fog of being betrayed and finds a new direction in life. How does she do it?

My Life Feels Empty, What Should I Do?

In today’s world, people rush around and busy themselves with the pursuit of money, prestige and profit. As the pace of life becomes ever more hectic, people’s lives become increasingly empty and tormented. So how ought we to approach this overly-busy, high-paced modern lifestyle?

A Christian’s Experience: A Remarkable Job Hunt

Looking for a job in a foreign country with no work experience and without being able to speak a foreign language can be incredibly difficult! Sister Xing Yue became an honest person in accordance with God’s words, however, and she found a suitable job, and earned the approval and trust of the restaurant owner.

By Educating My Son in the Correct Way, He and I Were Able to Get Closer

To enable their children to stand out from the crowd when they’re older, many parents put them under a lot of pressure to study, which results in their children becoming estranged from them. So how can parents educate their children in a way that brings them closer together?

In Praying for Employment, I Gain More Than Just a Job

During this experience of searching for employment, I not only got a good job, but the even greater harvest was that I gained some true understanding of God’s sovereignty and my faith in God increased.

A Christian Marriage: An Unfaithful Husband Gets Back on Track

In today’s society, extra-marital affairs are nothing out of the ordinary. But after Ling Fan’s husband strayed, surprisingly, he turned back—their shattered marriage was made whole once again. What was their experience?

Christian Sermons: Don’t Let Your Smartphone Rule Your Life

In today’s world, you can see “smartphone zombies” everywhere. Some people know that constantly staring at a game on their phone or other mobile devices can be harmful, so why can’t they break the habit?