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No Longer Working Flat Out for Money, I Find a Happy Life

To avoid being looked down on by others, she tries desperately to make money, and ends up draining a bitter draught of pain. Bewildered and lost, God’s words give her a new direction in life, she no longer works flat out for money, and she begins to live a life of happiness.

My Life Feels Empty, What Should I Do?

In today’s world, people rush around and busy themselves with the pursuit of money, prestige and profit. As the pace of life becomes ever more hectic, people’s lives become increasingly empty and tormented. So how ought we to approach this overly-busy, high-paced modern lifestyle?

A Christian’s Experience: A Remarkable Job Hunt

Looking for a job in a foreign country with no work experience and without being able to speak a foreign language can be incredibly difficult! Sister Xing Yue became an honest person in accordance with God’s words, however, and she found a suitable job, and earned the approval and trust of the restaurant owner.

I Now Know What the Meaning of Life Is

By Jinqu, South Korea My Struggle: Exhausted Mentally and Physically Because I came from a poor family, I was ridiculed and belittled by friends a…

Know God’s Sovereignty and Find Happiness in Life

What is your happiness in life? To many people, money is the indicator by which happiness is measured, and so many become slaves to money and become willing to expend everything they have to make it. So how does he come to know God’s sovereignty, cast off money’s chains and obtain happiness?

A Christian’s Story: How to Completely Free Oneself From Gaming Addiction Is No Longer a Difficult Question

When the Christian Yangying was 16 years old, he became infatuated with online gaming. He would often skip class and stay up all night to play games, he abandoned his studies, his health deteriorated, and this continued after he had left school and started work. Yangying tried many times to think of a way to stop playing online games, but each time he ended in failure. Only after he started believing in God and under the guidance of God’s words was he gradually able to free himself from his gaming addiction of more than ten years and find the right goals and direction to pursue. So how did Yangying free himself from his gaming addiction? Let’s take a walk together through the story of how he quit his addiction.

An Old Doctor’s Thoughts: Fame and Happiness Can’t Be Equated (Audio Essay)

What is true happiness? Many people might think, “Success and making a name for yourself, and being looked up to and admired by others is happiness.” Here, a relatively well-known physician realizes in her waning years that despite having high status and being looked up to by many people, she wasn’t happy. Having gained these things held no significance at all for her. Why did this famous doctor reach this conclusion? And what new understanding of real happiness did she gain? Read on to find out her experience …

Who Is the Main Culprit Causing Depression?

In recent years, depression has snuck into our lives, affecting more and more people. Many are tormented by this disease—some lose their hope in life and live in pain, and some even lose their courage to go on living, choosing to commit suicide to end their own lives. Why is it that people experience depression? How should we deal with it, and how can we get out of the trap of depression?

God’s Words Guide Me to Walk on the Correct Path of Life (Audio Essay)

To live a wealthy life, she struggled, strived, and tried everything to earn money. Finally, she lived the life of a moneyed individual, but that was also when she unexpectedly discovered cancer was detected in her body. The torment of her condition was worse than death, and caused her unspeakable suffering. Later, she escaped her torment, and found a truly meaningful life. How did she find a life more meaningful than making money? Read on to find out …

A Restaurant’s Harvest (Audio Essay)

Ming Zhen Cong Xin worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and she had always been a conscientious worker. But for some reason, the manager had rec…

A Doctor’s Experience of Metamorphosis

God had used His words to judge me, provide for me, lead and guide me, and brought my vanished conscience slowly back to life so that I could live a little like a true human being. Now my life is not just about making money, and I’m no longer basing my life on satanic poisons like “Money is first,” “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost,” “the fittest survives” etc. I have let God’s words be my new life and the guidelines by which I act.

Two of a Trade Can Now Agree (Audio Essay)

Finally, one day, when she saw me, she deliberated for a long time, and then called excitedly out, “Master!” This “Master” made me feel extremely warm inside. Ever since she opened her shop next to my house, she had never called me Master once. I knew at that moment that the reason we could resolve our hatred was because of the effect achieved by God’s word. Otherwise, the hatred between us could only get deeper and deeper. Thank God! All glory and praise unto Almighty God!

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