How does God treat those who believe Satan’s rumors and turn their backs on Him?

November 29, 2017

Bible Verses for Reference:

And the serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die: For God does know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as God, knowing good and evil. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also to her husband with her; and he did eat. … Therefore Jehovah God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from from where he was taken (Genesis 3:4-6, 23).

Relevant Words of God:

Those that do not belong to Me are against Me; those that belong to Me are those that are compatible with Me. This is completely without question, and this is the principle of My judgment of Satan. This principle should be known to everybody so that they can see My righteousness and justness—all those who come from Satan will be judged and burned and be turned into ashes. This is also My wrath, and one can further see My disposition.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 108

I, the entirety of the flesh, am even more so the complete manifestation of God. Whosoever dares not revere Me, whosoever dares show defiance in their eyes, whosoever dares speak words of defiance against Me will surely die from My curses and wrath (there will be cursing because of My wrath). And whosoever dares not be loyal or filial to Me, whosoever dares try to trick Me will surely die in My hatred.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 79

Those who belong to Satan will be returned to Satan, while those who belong to God will surely go in search of the truth; this is decided by their natures. Let all those who follow Satan perish! No pity will be shown to these people. Let those who search for the truth be provided for, and may they take pleasure in God’s word to their hearts’ content. God is righteous; He would not show favoritism to anyone.


Due to their petty cleverness, those without discernment will come to ruin at the hands of evil people, and will be led astray by evil people and will be unable to return. These people should be handled in this way, because they do not love the truth, because they are incapable of standing on the side of the truth, because they follow evil people and stand on the side of evil people, and because they collude with evil people and defy God. They know perfectly well that those evil people radiate evil, yet they harden their hearts and go contrary to the truth to follow them. Are these people who do not practice the truth but who do destructive and abominable things not all doing evil? Although there are those among them who style themselves as kings and others who follow them, are their God-defying natures not all the same? What excuse can they have to claim that God does not save them? What excuse can they have to claim that God is not righteous? Is it not their own evil that is destroying them? Is it not their own rebelliousness that is dragging them down into hell? People who practice the truth will, in the end, be saved and perfected because of the truth. Those who do not practice the truth will, in the end, court destruction because of the truth. These are the ends that await those who practice the truth and those who do not.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth

My concern continues to be the way in which each of you acts and expresses himself, on the basis of which I shall determine your end. However, I must make this clear: I will give no more mercy to those who gave Me no jot of loyalty in times of tribulation, for My mercy only extends so far. Furthermore, I have no liking for anyone who has once betrayed Me, much less do I like to associate with those who sell out the interests of their friends. This is My disposition, regardless of who the person may be. I must tell you this: Anyone who breaks My heart shall not receive clemency from Me a second time, and anyone who has been faithful to Me shall forever remain in My heart.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination

God’s Attitude Toward Those Who Run Away During His Work

You’ll find this kind of person everywhere: After they have been certain about God’s way, for various reasons, they depart silently and without a parting word to go off and do whatever their heart desires. For the time being, we won’t get into why this person leaves. First we’ll take a look at what God’s attitude is toward this kind of person. It’s very clear! From the moment this person leaves, in God’s eyes, the span of their belief is over. It’s not this person that ended it, but God. That this person left God means that they have already rejected God, that they already don’t want God. It means that they already don’t accept God’s salvation. Since this person doesn’t want God, can God still want them? Moreover, when this person has this attitude, this view, and is determined to leave God, they have already aggravated God’s disposition. Even though they didn’t fly into a rage and curse God, even though they didn’t engage in any vile or excessive behavior, and even though this person is thinking: If there comes a day when I’ve had my fill of fun on the outside, or when I still need God for something, I will come back. Or if God calls on me, I will come back. Or they say: When I am hurt on the outside, when I see that the outside world is too dark and too wicked and I no longer want to go with the flow, I will come back to God. Even though this person has calculated in their mind at what point they’re coming back, even though they leave the door open for their return, they don’t realize that no matter how they think and how they plan, this is all just wishful thinking. Their biggest mistake is being unclear about how God feels when they want to leave. Starting from that moment when this person determines to leave God, God has completely abandoned them; God has already established their outcome in His heart. What outcome is that? That this person is one of the hamsters, and will perish along with them. Thus, people often see this kind of situation: Someone abandons God, but they don’t receive a punishment. God operates according to His own principles. People are able to see some things, and some things are only concluded in God’s heart, so people cannot see the result. That which people see isn’t necessarily the true side of things; but the other side, the side you do not see—this is the true thoughts and conclusions of God’s heart.

People Who Run Away During God’s Work Are Those Who Abandon the True Way

So why can God give this kind of person such a serious punishment? Why is God so enraged toward them? First of all we know that God’s disposition is majesty, is wrath. He is not a sheep to be slaughtered by anyone; even more, He is not a puppet to be controlled by people however they want. He is also not empty air to be bossed around by people. If you really believe that God exists, you should have a heart that fears God, and you should know that God’s essence is not to be angered. This anger may be caused by a word; perhaps a thought; perhaps some kind of vile behavior; perhaps mild behavior, behavior that’s passable in the eyes and ethics of man; or perhaps it is caused by a doctrine, a theory. However, once you anger God, your opportunity is lost and your end days have arrived. This is a terrible thing! If you don’t understand that God cannot be offended, then maybe you aren’t afraid of God, and maybe you offend Him all the time. If you don’t know how to fear God, then you’re unable to fear God, and you don’t know how to put yourself on the path of walking in God’s way—fearing God and shunning evil. Once you become aware, you can be conscious that God cannot be offended, then you will know what it is to fear God and shun evil.

Walking in the way of fearing God and shunning evil isn’t necessarily about how much truth you know, how many trials you have experienced, or how much you have been disciplined. Rather, it depends on what the essence of your heart is with regard to God, and what your attitude toward God is. People’s essence and their subjective attitudes—these are very important, very key. With regard to those people who have renounced and left God, their contemptible attitude toward God and their hearts that despise the truth have aggravated God’s disposition, thus so far as God is concerned they will never be forgiven. They have known about God’s existence, they have had the information that God has already arrived, they have even experienced God’s new work. Their departure isn’t a case of being deluded, nor is it that they’re hazy about it. It’s even less a case of them being forced into it. Rather they have consciously, and with a clear mind, chosen to leave God. Their departure isn’t losing their way; it’s not their being cast off. Therefore, in God’s eyes, they are not a lamb who has strayed from the flock, let alone a prodigal son who lost his way. They departed with impunity, and such a condition, such a situation, aggravates God’s disposition, and it is out of this aggravation that He gives them a hopeless outcome. Is this kind of outcome not frightful? So if people don’t know God, they can offend God. This is no small matter! If someone doesn’t take God’s attitude seriously, and still believes that God is looking forward to their return—because they are one of God’s lost lambs and God is still waiting for them to have a change of heart—then this person is not that far removed from their day of punishment. God won’t just refuse to admit them. This is their second time aggravating His disposition; it’s an even more terrible matter! This person’s irreverent attitude has already offended God’s administrative decree. Will God still admit them? God’s principles regarding this matter are: If someone has been certain about the true way yet can still consciously and with a clear mind reject God, and distance themselves from God, then God will block off the road to their salvation, and the gate into the kingdom will henceforth be closed to them. When this person comes knocking once more, God will not open the door for them again. This person will be shut out forever. Perhaps some of you have read the story of Moses in the Bible. After Moses was anointed by God, the 250 leaders were dissatisfied with Moses because of his actions and other various reasons. Who did they refuse to obey? It wasn’t Moses. They refused to obey God’s arrangements; they refused to obey God’s work on this matter. They said the following: “You take too much on you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and Jehovah is among them….” In man’s eyes, are these words very serious? They’re not serious! At least the literal meaning of the words is not serious. In a legal sense, they don’t break any laws, because on their very surface it’s not hostile language, or vocabulary, much less has any blasphemous meaning. A common sentence is all there is, nothing more. Yet why is it that these words can trigger such rage from God? It’s because they are not spoken to people, but to God. The attitude and disposition expressed by them is precisely what aggravates God’s disposition, especially that of God’s disposition which cannot be offended. We all know what their outcome was in the end. Regarding those who abandoned God, what is their viewpoint? What is their attitude? And why does their viewpoint and attitude lead to God dealing with them in such a manner? The reason is that they clearly know He is God yet they still choose to betray Him. That is why they are totally stripped of their chance for salvation. Just like the Bible says: “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins.” Are you clear on this matter now?

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

Some people cannot accept the true way; they are always developing notions and are even capable of betrayal. These kinds of people do not have love for the truth. If they want to walk away, then let them. Do not try to stop them. If they walk away after having accepted the true way, this means they are walking straight into hell. They are betrayers, they are exposed, and nobody should stop them. The doors to the house of God are open wide, and whoever comes in must undergo rigorous examining, and write an application. You are free to leave, to walk out on your own accord. But you will have to register, and afterward you will not be able to return. Leaving is easy, but coming in is hard. If you do come back after having left, since you have already committed one betrayal, whether or not you are admitted again will have to be determined according to God’s standpoint and God’s words. In the future, coming in will become more and more difficult. Each and every person who comes in has to undergo rigorous examining. Leaving becomes easier and easier—you can do so as you please. Regardless of who it is, regardless of how many years they’ve believed, if they say “I don’t believe anymore,” that’s fine; they need not say anything else and they can leave without delay. After that, they will not be allowed to return, or it will be very difficult to return. This is the kind of system that the house of God has.

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life, Volume 140

Some people hear rumors after they accept the work of God in the last days and then they stop believing, they retreat. For them, it is easy to believe, and it is easy to not believe. The entrance to the house of God is wide open. If you stop believing then you can leave at any time, but one thing is definite: If you stop believing after you started, then this is the same as betraying God. If you betray God then a mark will be left upon you, a mark showing that you have betrayed God. If you listen to a lot of Satan’s words and fully believe them, and you judge and condemn God, then another mark will be left upon you showing that you have believed the rumors of Satan and that you have betrayed God, judged God and offended God’s disposition. After this, once the great catastrophe comes and you see that Almighty God is real and so you want to believe again, God will say, “I don’t want you. Stay away from Me.” So, if anyone accepts the work of Almighty God for a period of time but forsakes Him later and then writes another application letter to try to re-join the church, it will not be endorsed by God’s family.

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life, Volume 143

If man accepts and internalizes Satan’s fallacies, rumors, and lies, then what is the problem? What will the consequences be? One who accepts Satan’s fallacies and lies is someone who accepts Satan’s false words, and they have been corrupted by Satan again. The point when man accepts Satan’s lies is the point at which he belongs to Satan. In God’s eyes he already belongs to Satan. After that, he develops notions and opinions that are in opposition to God, and develops actions and manifestations of resisting God. For example, after Adam and Eve were seduced by Satan and ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, what were the immediate consequences? God drove them out of the Garden of Eden, and God was no longer with them. Then why was God so harsh with Adam and Eve? Because they offended God’s disposition. They didn’t heed God’s words; it wasn’t that God did not inform them. God told them not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, “For in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die(Gen 2:17). They defied God’s words; they did not stay true to God’s words, so they were driven out of the Garden of Eden. That was how severe the consequences were. Accepting Satan’s suggestions isn’t some sort of game. To God, it was already a betrayal of Him, and so they did not have God with them after that. God detested them—that was the severity of the situation. So, now that you have accepted Almighty God, if you still believe in Satan’s lies and accept its rumors, then although you have not yet left God’s church, from God’s perspective you have already betrayed Him and He is no longer with you. If you encounter these rumors and fallacies of Satan, you should pray immediately: “God, please enlighten and illuminate me. Protect me so I can reject these things and Satan, and always say ‘No’ to Satan. I will not accept Satan’s lies and fallacies. Get behind me, Satan!” This will prove that you have stood witness and were not struck down by Satan’s temptation. Some people accept Satan’s rumors and fallacies, and develop doubt toward God in their hearts. As soon as they start to doubt, from God’s perspective, they have already betrayed Him. God doesn’t want them. As far as God is concerned, that person doesn’t exist and He will not save them. Isn’t the issue this grave? Do you believe that this is truth? (Yes.) This is the truth.

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life, Volume 142

Some people particularly listen to Satan’s words. And what happens when they do so? When the true God comes, they miss Him, they do not accept Him. What is the consequence of failing to accept Him? The consequence is annihilation and death! What work has God come to do in the last days? First of all, God will make perfect a group of people, then save a group of people, and finally destroy mankind—these three things. The first thing is to perfect a group of people before the disaster. The second is to refine and save some people. The third is to destroy all who belong to Satan through the disaster. What is meant by destroying all who belong to Satan? How broad is the scope of Satan’s ilk? God says, “… except for those now within the stream, the rest will be turned to ashes.” That is, in the latter phase of the catastrophe, all those who have not accepted the work of Almighty God will die. Now that we can clearly see, if man listens to Satan’s rumors and nonsense, denies and refuses God’s work, what will be his outcome? He will be destroyed and turned to ashes! Now we can also confirm this: Those who heed the rumors of the great red dragon and religious circles will ultimately be destroyed by God. Why will these people be destroyed? Because they have not accepted the work of Almighty God. They have been deceived and shackled by Satan and thus haven’t accepted the true way or come before God. As a result, they will be destroyed by God in the end. So, the consequence of listening to Satan’s rumors and nonsense is death.

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life, Volume 142

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