In Satan's Tortures,
God's Love Never Left or Forsook Me

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The Never-Quenching Life Power

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Faithful Till Death

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God's Love Accompanied Me
in the Affliction

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Since You Believe in God
You Should Live for the Truth

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The Word Appears in
the Flesh

For the first time from the creation of the world, the Creator, the true God who reigns over all things has spoken to all mankind; the first book that recorded God's speaking and proclaiming to mankind from the third heaven; the first time God uses his original identity to appear in the word to mankind and express his heartfelt wishes.  Read...

Christ's Expression in
the Age of the Kingdom

The end-time Christ — Almighty God speaks words to chastise people, purify people, and lead people into the new age that is the Age of the Kingdom. All those who submit under his authority will enjoy higher truth, receive greater blessings, truly live in the light, and receive the truth, the way, and the life.  Read...

Questions and Answers
on the Testimony of
the Kingdom Gospel

The returned Jesus, Almighty God, uttered his words and brought the kingdom gospel. The Holy Spirit greatly inspires people to understand the prophecies and mysteries in the Bible. In the form of questions and answers, this book uses God’s word and man’s preaching to testify that the prophecy of the second coming of Jesus has been fulfilled.  Read...

The Eternal Gospel
The Salvation of God's Kingdom Has Come

Compiled from selected pieces of God’s Word from The Word Appears In the Flesh, this book is for all those who seek truth and thirst for God’s appearing. It testifies that the end-time Christ Almighty God is the only true God, the Creator of all things, and is truly Jesus returned in the flesh, bringing the kingdom salvation and the eternal gospel to all mankind.  Read...