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    Walk in God’s Ways:
    Fear God and Shun Evil

    If you want to shun evil, you have to first have a true fear of God; if you want to have a true fear of God, you have to first have a true knowledge of God; …

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    The end-time Christ—Almighty God,
    who was incarnated in China, has gained a group of overcomers. In persecution and tribulation, they still keep their faithfulness to God and stand testimony for God….

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    The end-time Christ—Almighty God,
    laden with glory, appeared in the East of the world—China. He has made a group of overcomers and accomplished God’s six-thousand-year management plan!

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    God’s sheep hear the voice of God.
    The Lord Jesus has already come. He is Almighty God who became flesh in China in the end time!


In the Age of the Kingdom, God opens the age with the word, changes the way of working with the word, and does the work of the entire age with the word. This is the principle of God’s working in the Age of the Word. …Through the word, people know God’s work and God’s disposition and know man’s essence and what man should enter into... more →

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