Christian Movie "Reflections on Salvation"|A Church Elder Walks on the Way to the Kingdom of Heaven

November 11, 2021

Yang Mingyuan is a house church elder. One day, he hears that Elder Xu, who is highly respected in the church, has accepted Eastern Lightning. He is very moved, and decides to seek and investigate Eastern Lightning. Through reading the words of Almighty God, questions that have confused him over his many years of belief in the Lord are resolved, and he learns that being saved is only the forgiveness of sin, not full salvation. Only by accepting God's judgment and purification in the last days and thoroughly resolving his sinful nature can he be qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. He reads many of Almighty God's words and discovers that they are the truth and God's voice. He believes that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, so he happily accepts Almighty God. Afterwards, he preaches the gospel to the believers below him, and within a few months, five or six thousand people accept the gospel. He thinks he will continue to be a leader, but he is surprised when the church arranges for him to preach the gospel while his coworkers are selected as leaders. As he preaches the gospel, his fellowship on the truth is not as clear or practical as his partner Zhou's. … Not satisfied to be in second place, to prove his strength and gain the admiration of others, he works hard to equip himself with the truth, and often shows off in front of people how much work he has done and how much he suffered. He is surprised when this causes his brothers and sisters to prune and deal with him and God to severely chasten and discipline him…. After experiencing God's judgment and chastisement, chastening and discipline, just what exactly does Yang Mingyuan gain? How does he change? Watch this film to find out.

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