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78 It Is Almighty God Who Loves Me

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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78 It Is Almighty God Who Loves Me

1 It is Almighty God who loves me and raises me up before His throne. I enjoy His words and attend the wedding feast of the Lamb. Seeing God’s beautiful countenance makes me as happy as a lark. To finally welcome the return of the Savior is such a joy. Oh, God loves me! God’s judgment cleanses me. No longer confused, no longer bewildered, I understand the truth and am set free! Oh, God loves me! God’s word has conquered me. God’s word is the truth, I must pursue and gain it.

2 It is Almighty God who loves me, His word cleanses and changes me. Each and every word God says enters my innermost heart. I accept the judgment of His word and hate that I am so corrupted. I am so happy, so joyful to practice the truth and to be an honest person. Oh, God loves me! God’s judgment cleanses me. Whether I meet with blessings or disaster, I submit to God’s arrangements and make no decisions for myself. Oh, God loves me! God’s love has taken my heart. With all sincerity, I give my heart to God and I submit to His sovereignty and arrangements.

3 It is Almighty God who loves me, His words guide me. God’s word is the truth and it has become my life. God guides me no matter how rough the road gets. I shall no longer feel negative and shall no longer turn back, but shall firmly follow God. Oh, God loves me! God’s judgment cleanses me. I am devoted to fulfilling my duty that God’s will may be satisfied. Oh, I will love God, I will seek to love God all my life. Doing God’s will and testifying to His work is our duty in life. Living out the reality of the truth delights God.

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