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584 God Hates Emotions Between People

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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584 God Hates Emotions Between People

1 I do not give people the opportunity to release their emotions, for I am without emotions, and have grown to detest the emotions of people to an extent. It is because of the emotions between people that I have been cast to one side, and thus I have become an “other” in their eyes; it is because of the emotions between people that I have been forgotten; it is because of the emotions of man that he seizes the opportunity to pick up his “conscience”; it is because of the emotions of man that he is always weary of My chastisement; it is because of the emotions of man that he calls Me unfair and unjust, and says that I am heedless of man’s feelings in My handling of things. Do I also have kin upon earth?

2 Who has ever, like Me, worked day and night, without thought for food or sleep, for the sake of My entire management plan? How could man be comparable to God? How could he be compatible with God? How could God, who creates, be of the same kind as man, who is created? How could I always live and act together with man on earth? Who worries for My heart? Is it the prayers of man? I once agreed to join man and walk together with him—and yes, unto this day man has lived under My care and protection, but when is the day that man can separate himself from My care? Though man has never cared for My heart, who can keep living in a land without light? It is only because of My blessings that man has lived until today.

Adapted from “Chapter 28” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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