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181 Oh God, I Can’t Leave You

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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181 Oh God, I Can’t Leave You

1 Without God’s word guiding me, I am without an anchor, like a drifting duckweed. Without God with me, I feel pain and emptiness. Reflecting upon myself, I realize that I have no place for God in my heart, and I cheat God in my prayer. Giving up the truth, lusting for fame and fortune, I am loathed and hated by God. Falling into darkness, I am in great pain, and my heart is filled with remorse. Pleading words cannot call God back to me. Without a God-fearing heart, I don’t deserve to live before God. I count God’s kindnesses and reflect on myself and feel so indebted to God.

2 Through judgment, I see clearly the truth of my corruption. Arrogant, self-righteous, crooked and deceitful, I even made a deal with God. I was slipshod in my duty and did not show consideration to God’s will. By clinging to my notions, a tragedy was born. After undergoing much refinement, I realized that God’s righteous disposition brooks no offense. My heart reveres Him, I loathe myself and truly repent. I see that God’s judgment is all love and salvation. I set my resolve to practice the truth and to do my duty to repay Him. I will sincerely love God, so I can regain His mercy and call Him back to me.

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