682 God Perfects Man in Many Ways

Verse 1

The Holy Spirit walks a path in each person,

and gives everyone the chance to be perfected.

Through your negative states you’re shown your own corruption.

By throwing off these states you’ll find a path to practice.

These are all ways in which you are perfected.

Verse 2

Through constant guidance of the positive things in you,

you’ll actively do your part, gain insight and discernment.

In good conditions, you are especially willing

to pray to God and willing to read His word,

and relate the sermons you hear to your own state.

Chorus 1

At such times God enlightens you within

and makes you realize positive things.

This is how you come to be perfected,

made perfect in the positive aspect.

Verse 3

In negative states, you are weak and you are passive.

You’ve searched your heart and can’t find God inside,

yet God lights you up, helps you find a path to practice.

This is gaining perfection at a negative time.

God can perfect man in either aspect.

Verse 4

It depends if you are able to experience,

and whether you seek to be perfected by God.

If you do, the negative helps you grasp your real state

and learn what you lack, but can’t make you suffer loss.

It helps you see that man has and is nothing.

Chorus 2

If you don’t experience any trials,

you’ll always feel that you’re better than others.

Through all this you’ll see all that came before

was done by God, and protected by God.


Entry into trials leaves you loveless, faithless.

You lack prayer and are unable to sing hymns.

And then without even realizing it,

you come to know yourself in the midst of this.

God has many means of perfecting humankind.

He uses many kinds of environments

to deal with man’s corrupt disposition,

uses various things to lay men bare.

Verse 5

That is, in one regard God deals with man,

in another He chooses to lay him bare,

in another He exposes man, digging out

the “secrets” within of which he’s never been aware,

showing man his nature by revealing all his states.

Chorus 3

God perfects man using many ways,

through dealing with him, through revelation,

by refining him, chastising him,

so man may know how practical God is.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Those Who Focus on Practice Can Be Perfected

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