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270 God’s Love Is So Real

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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270 God’s Love Is So Real


Oh God! You’ve become flesh, humble and hidden,

expressing the truth to save mankind.

Yet mankind does not know You,

even opposing and judging You,

deeply wounding Your heart.

Oh God! Who do You weep for?

Who can feel Your grief?

Oh God! Who do You mourn for?

Who can understand Your heart?

You alone bear mankind’s blows,

yet never stop saving us, obscure and unknown.

Our rebelliousness breaks Your heart,

our numbness injures You.

Oh, why do we believe in You yet oppose You,

and cast You aside?

Oh, why do we follow You yet not love You,

only grasping for Your grace?

Only through judgment have we awakened,

we truly are blind and do not know You.

Our good fortune to enjoy Your judgment

is truly Your great salvation.


Oh God! The judgment and chastisement

of Your words is all to cleanse us.

Yet we don’t understand Your will,

we misunderstand and blame You.

Oh God! Who do You toil for?

For whom do You sacrifice sleep and food?

Oh God! Who do You worry over?

To whom do You so patiently speak?

We have been harmed and trampled by Satan,

You see this with Your eyes and take it to heart.

You carry out salvation in us

with words of judgment and chastisement.

Oh, we are but specks of dust,

how are we worthy of Your cherishing and concern?

Oh, we are as filthy as dung,

how are we worthy of such elevation and love from You?

We loathe our deep corruption,

we can’t see Your loveliness and benevolence.

We are now able to obtain

cleansing and salvation from You,

we will always love and be faithful to You.

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