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1030 God’s Love for Mankind Is True and Real

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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1030 God’s Love for Mankind Is True and Real

God’s love for humankind primarily manifests in His work done while in the flesh, in personally saving people, speaking and living face-to-face with them, without being the slightest bit distant, without any pretense, and while being completely real. He saves people to the extent that He was able to become flesh and pass through years of pain with humans in the world, all because of His love and pity for humankind. God’s love for humans is unconditional and makes no demands. What does He receive from them in return? People are cold toward God. Who is able to treat God as God? People do not give God the slightest bit of comfort; to this day, God still has not received true love from humanity. God just keeps giving and providing selflessly.

Adapted from “Do You Understand God’s Love for Mankind?”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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