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176 God’s Sincere Love

1 So many times, I have become negative and I have wept because I lost prestige and status. So many times, trials revealed that I was concerned only about my future prospects and I became overwhelmed with grief. So many times, I was stubborn and rebellious, trying to rid myself of God’s judgment and my conscience did not reproach me. So many times, I was resolved to repent and yet I knowingly did ill, and I allowed sin to run rampant within me. O God, the judgment of Your words unveils my ugly soul, and I see clearly the truth of my corruption and there is nowhere I can hide myself for shame.

2 I had determined that I was beyond saving, but Your words dispelled my misunderstandings. So many times, I fell into Satan’s temptations, but in secret You watched over and protected me. So many times, I harbored misconceptions and opposed You, but You always showed me lenience and patience. You never remembered all the times I transgressed, and You gave me a chance to repent. O God, I’m so insignificant and lowly, yet You still care about me at all times. How could I be worthy to be called human if I still cannot repay Your love?

3 By experiencing Your judgment, trials, reprimanding and disciplining, I finally know Your love. Though I suffer the great pain of refinement, yet my corrupt disposition is being cleansed. Practicing the truth, obeying You and living before You, I feel at ease and at peace. In becoming an honest person who fears God and shuns evil, I feel so happy. O God, Your judgment is love and it has enabled me to attain Your great salvation. I have experienced Your sincere love, and I wish to love You and obey You forever.

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