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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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162 A Time of Parting

1 Brothers and sisters gather together and are so happy fellowshiping on God’s words. But the CCP’s persecution means that we are always in danger of being arrested at meetings. We dance and sing so cautiously, afraid of being discovered. We read God’s words and fellowship about a few sentences, then we hurriedly pray and bring our meetings to an end. When we part, we don’t know if we’ll ever have the chance to see each other again. Brothers and sisters, pray and rely on God more when you travel about performing your duties. No matter how hard the road, with God as our companion we are not alone. We experience oppression, adversity and refinement, it is so precious to have God beside us.

2 In bearing witness to God in this evil world, take great care of yourself. Kept company by the word of God, we’ll have strength by understanding the truth. We have seen through the evil essence of Satan, and we bitterly hate the great red dragon. Completely forsake Satan, so we can in truth love God and submit to God. Rely on God to transcend the influence of darkness, dawn is breaking before our eyes. We pray for each other and love each other, and our hearts are at peace. We look forward to our reunion when the kingdom is realized, and then we will live together forever.

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