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969 How to Accept the Judgment of God’s Words

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969 How to Accept the Judgment of God’s Words

1 To know yourself, you must know the corruption you reveal, your own vital weaknesses, disposition, and the essence of your nature, as well as every tiny little bit of things that are revealed in your daily life—your motives, your perspectives, and your attitude about every single thing, whether you are at a gathering, or whenever you eat and drink of the words of God, or whenever you encounter a specific issue. You can know yourself from these things. To know yourself more deeply, you must do it in accordance with God’s words. To achieve results, you must know yourself based on God’s words.

2 When receiving the judgment of God’s words, we must not fear suffering or pain, and we particularly must not fear that God’s words will pierce our hearts. We should read more of His words on judgment and chastisement, and on the exposure of our corrupt essences. When reading God’s words, we must hold ourselves up to them more. We possess every single one of these corruptions; they are all pertinent to us. We must first know that it does not matter whether any of His words are easy on the ear or whether they make us feel bitter or sweet; we must accept them all. This is the attitude we should have toward God’s words.

3 In our belief in God, we must affirm God’s words to be the truth. Since they are the truth, we should accept them rationally. Whether or not we are able to recognize or acknowledge it, our first attitude should be one of acceptance of all of God’s words, without exception. God’s words are profound. In every one of God’s words, what God reveals relates to people’s corrupt disposition and deep-rooted, essential things within their lives, not external appearances, and particularly not external behaviors. Thus, you cannot rely on outward appearances to compare yourself to God’s words.

Adapted from “The Importance and the Path of Pursuing the Truth”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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