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Addendum: Chapter 1

The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Addendum: Chapter 1

What I ask you to do is not the vague and empty theory that I speak of, nor is it unimaginable by the brain of man or unachievable by the flesh of man. Who is capable of complete loyalty within My house? And who can offer up their all within My kingdom? If not for the revelation of My will, would you take it upon yourselves to fulfill My heart? No one has ever understood My heart, and no one has ever perceived My will. Who has ever seen My face or heard My voice? Did Peter? Or Paul? Or John? Or James? Who has ever been clothed by Me, or possessed by Me, or used by Me? Though the first time I became flesh was in divinity, the flesh in which I clothed Myself knew not the sufferings of man, because I was not incarnated in an image, and so it couldn’t be said that the flesh fully did My will. Only when My divinity is able to do as I would do and speak as I would speak in a person of normal humanity, without hindrance or obstruction, can it be said that My will is done in the flesh. Because the normal humanity is able to shield the divinity, thus is achieved My aim of being humble and hidden. During the stage of work in the flesh, although the divinity acts directly, such actions are not easy for people to see, which is merely because of the life and actions of normal humanity. This incarnation cannot fast for 40 days like the first incarnation, but He works and speaks normally, and although He reveals mysteries, He is very normal; His voice is not, as people imagine, like thunder, His face does not sparkle with light, and the heavens do not tremble when He walks. If that were the case, then in this there would be none of My wisdom, and it would be incapable of shaming and defeating Satan.

When I display My divinity beneath the shield of normal humanity, I am glorified to the fullest, My great work is accomplished, and nothing presents any difficulties. This is because the aim of My incarnation is chiefly to allow all those who believe in Me to behold the deeds of My divinity in the flesh, and to see the practical God Himself, thus dispelling the invisible and intangible God’s place in people’s hearts. Because I eat, clothe Myself, sleep, dwell, and act like a normal person, because I speak and laugh as a normal person, and have the needs of a normal person, and also possess the substance of full divinity, I am called “the practical God.” This is not abstract, and it is easy to understand; in it can be seen in which part the core of My work lies, and in which phase of work My focus is. Revealing My divinity through normal humanity is the core aim of My incarnation. It is not hard to see that the center of My work is in the second part of the era of judgment.

In Me, there has never been human life or trace of humanity. Human life has never held a place in Me, and has never suppressed the revelation of My divinity. Thus, the more One expresses My voice in heaven and the will of My Spirit, the more He can shame Satan, and so the easier it becomes to do My will in normal humanity. This alone has defeated Satan, and Satan has already been utterly shamed. Although I am hidden, this does not impede the utterances and actions of My divinity—which is enough to show that I have been victorious, and have been completely glorified. Because My work in the flesh is without hindrance, and because the practical God now has a place in people’s hearts and has set down roots in their hearts, it is fully proven that Satan has been defeated by Me. And because Satan is incapable of doing any more among man, and it is difficult to instill the quality of Satan in man’s flesh, My will proceeds without hindrance. The content of My work is, chiefly, to cause all people to behold My wondrous deeds and see My true face: I am not beyond reach, I do not tower into the sky, I am not formless and amorphous. I am not invisible like air, nor am I like a floating cloud, easily blown away; instead, though I live among man, and experience the sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and fieriness among man, My flesh is fundamentally different to that of man. Most people have difficulty engaging with Me, yet most also yearn to engage with Me. It is as if there are huge, unfathomable mysteries in the incarnate God. Because of the direct revelation of divinity, and because of the shield of human appearance, people keep a respectful distance from Me, believing that I am a merciful and loving God, yet also fearful of My majesty and wrath. Thus, in their hearts, they wish to speak in earnest with Me, yet they cannot do as they wish—what their hearts desire, their strength lacks. Such are the states of everyone in this circumstance—and the more people are like this, the greater the proof of the revelation of various aspects of My disposition, thus achieving the aim of people knowing of God. But this is secondary; what’s key is making people know My wondrous deeds from the doings of My flesh, causing them to know the substance of God: I am not, as people imagine, abnormal and supernatural; instead, I am the practical God who is normal in all things. “My” place in people’s conceptions is dispelled, and they come to know Me in reality. Only then do I take My true place in people’s minds.

Before all people, I have not only never done anything supernatural that has been cherished by people, but am also extremely ordinary and normal; I deliberately do not allow people to see anything that has any hint of God in My incarnate flesh. But because of My words, people are utterly conquered, and submit to My testimony. Only thus do people come to know, without misgivings, the Me in the flesh upon the foundation of fully believing that God does indeed exist. In this way, people’s knowledge of Me becomes more real, more clear, and is not in the least bit tainted by their good behavior; all is the result of My divinity acting directly, giving people a greater knowledge of My divinity, for only divinity is the true face of God and inherent attribute of God—people should see this. What I want are words, deeds, and actions that are in divinity—I care not for words and actions in humanity. My aim is to live and act in divinity—I wish not to take root and sprout in humanity, I wish not to reside in humanity. Do you understand what I’m saying? Even though I am a guest in humanity, I do not want this; I act in complete divinity, and only in this way can people better understand My true face.

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