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913 After God Has Returned to Zion

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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913 After God Has Returned to Zion

1 After I have returned to Zion, those on earth will continue to praise Me as in the past. Those loyal service-doers remain waiting to render service to Me but their function will have come to an end. The best that they can do is to contemplate the circumstance of Me being on the earth. At that time I will begin to bring down disaster upon those who will suffer calamity, but just as all believe that I am a righteous God, I will certainly not punish those loyal service-doers and they will only receive My grace. For I have said that I will punish all evil-doers, and that those who perform good deeds will receive material enjoyment bestowed by Me, this is a revelation that I am the God of righteousness and faithfulness Himself.

2 On My return to Zion, I will begin to turn toward each nation in the world; I will bring to salvation the Israelites and chastise the Egyptians. This is the next step in My work. My work at that time will not be the same as in the present day: It will not be work in the flesh but it will completely transcend the flesh, and since I have spoken, it will be done, and as I have commanded, it will stand fast. As long as it has been said by Me, it will immediately be fulfilled in reality, and this is the true meaning of My word being spoken and its fulfillment taking place at the same time, because what I say is authority of itself. I am now speaking of some general things to assist people on earth to have a few clues and to not grasp about wildly. When that time comes, everything will be arranged by Me and none should act willfully to avoid being struck down by My hand.

Adapted from “Chapter 120” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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