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Those Who Do Not Learn and Know Nothing: Are They Not Beasts?

The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Those Who Do Not Learn and Know Nothing: Are They Not Beasts?

What’s the most appropriate method of pursuit on today’s path? What kind of figure should you see yourself as in your pursuit? You should know how to handle everything that is befalling you now, be it trials or suffering, merciless chastisement or curses—you should give careful consideration to all of this. Why do I say this? Because after all, what is befalling you now is one short trial after another. Perhaps it’s not a great stress to you now so you’re just letting things drift along, not treating it as precious wealth for your pursuit of progress. You are too careless! You actually take this precious wealth as clouds floating by in front of your eyes, and you do not treasure these short instances of harsh blows, which do not seem to be that hard on you. You just coldly observe and you do not take them to heart, but just see them as occasionally hitting a wall. You are so haughty! You simply adopt a disdainful attitude toward one fierce, tempestuous attack after another, and sometimes you even smile coldly, revealing a look of indifference. This is because you have never thought about why you repeatedly suffer this kind of “misfortune.” Could it be that I am so unfair to people? Am I just nitpicking at you? Although your thinking isn’t as serious as I’ve described it, that calm demeanor has portrayed the inner world of your heart very vividly. Needless to say, what is hidden deep in your heart is nothing but thoughtless invectives and unending tinges of sorrow that others can hardly see. It is because you have suffered these kinds of trials that you feel that it’s so unfair, thus you hurl invectives this way. It is because of these trials that you feel the world is so desolate, thus you are full of melancholy. You do not see blow after blow and discipline after discipline as the best protection, but you see it as unreasonable provocations from Heaven or suitable retribution for you. You are so ignorant! You have mercilessly enclosed the best of times in darkness, and you see time after time of beautiful trials and discipline as attacks from an enemy. You are unable to adapt to the environment, and even more, you are unwilling to adapt. This is because you are not willing to gain anything from chastisement after chastisement that you see as ruthless. You do not seek or probe, and you are resigned to Heaven’s will—wherever you end up is where you are. The chastening that you see as ruthless has not changed your heart at all, nor has it occupied your heart. Instead, it has just injured it. You have only seen this “ruthless chastisement” as your enemy in this life but you have gained nothing. You are so self-righteous! You rarely believe that you are subject to these kinds of trials because you are so despicable, rather, you believe that you are too unfortunate and moreover, you say that I’m always nitpicking at you. Up until now, how much understanding do you actually have of what I say and what I do? Do not think that you are a natural-born genius, just a tiny bit short of heaven and towering over the earth. You are not cleverer than other people, and it can even be said that you are cutely sillier than any other sensible person on earth because you see yourself too highly; you have never had any sense of inferiority. It seems that you see everything I do as clearly as crystal. The truth is that you are not remotely a sensible person. This is because you have no idea what I am going to do, and you know even less of what I am currently doing. That’s why I say that you simply cannot compare to a veteran farmer who has no cognizance of human life yet relies on blessings from Heaven for farming. You are so dismissive regarding your own life and you do not know your own reputation, and you have even less self-knowledge. You are too “high and mighty”! I am truly concerned about how playboys or delicate ladies such as you will be able to withstand the attacks of greater, tempestuous winds and waves? Those playboys do not care at all about the kind of environment that has come upon them now. It seems to be a trifling matter—they have no regard for these things. They are not negative and they do not see themselves as lowly. Instead, they are still sauntering and strolling around on the “avenues” fanning themselves. These “figures” who do not learn and know nothing have no clue why I say these things to them. They just know themselves a bit with a truculent look, and after that their evil ways do not change. After they depart from Me they continue to run rampant in the world and swagger and swindle. The expression on your face changes too quickly—you are still deceiving Me this way. You have such audacity! And those delicate young ladies are really laughable. They hear My urgent utterances, they see the environment they’re in and they can’t help but shed tears; they twist their body around as if they’re trying to be bewitching. It’s so disgusting! She sees her own stature and lies in bed and stays there, crying without stopping, almost as if she’s about to suffocate. From these words she sees her own immaturity and lowliness, and after that she’s overloaded with negativity. She stares blankly, and there’s no light in her eyes; she doesn’t complain, and she doesn’t hate Me—she’s just so negative that she doesn’t even move. She also does not learn and knows nothing. After she departs from Me she’s once again joking and playful, and that laugh like silver bells is just like a “silver bell princess.” They are both too fragile and too lacking in self-pity! All of you, the damaged goods among mankind—you are so lacking in humanity! You don’t know self-love or self-protection, you do not understand reason, you do not seek the true way or love the true light, and you particularly do not know how to treasure yourselves. You have pushed time after time of My words of teaching in the back of your mind and have even used them for entertainment in your leisure time. You have always used them as your own amulet. When Satan accuses you, you just pray a bit. When you’re negative, you sleep, and when you’re happy you run around like crazy. When I reprimand you, you nod and bow, but when you leave Me you laugh savagely. Among people you’re always the highest and you’ve never thought of yourself as the most conceited. You’re always high and mighty, very self-satisfied and terribly arrogant. How can that kind of “young man,” “young lady,” “gentleman,” or “lady” who does not learn and knows nothing treat My words like a precious treasure? I’ll ask you further—what have you really learned from My words and My work over all this time? Your tricks are cleverer? Your flesh is more sophisticated? Your attitude toward Me is more disdainful? I’ll tell you frankly, this much work of Mine has actually now made your bravery, which used to be that of a mouse, become greater. Your fear of Me diminishes by the day because I am too merciful. I’ve never used violent methods to punish your flesh. Perhaps the way you see it, I am just speaking harshly, but most of the time I face you with a smile and I hardly ever criticize you to your face. And it is particularly because I am always considerate of your weaknesses that it has led to you treating Me like the snake treats the kind-hearted farmer. I really admire mankind’s skill in carefully sizing up others—it really is remarkable, superb! I’ll tell you the truth. Whether or not you have a heart of reverence today is insignificant. I’m not nervous or anxious, but I will also tell you that you “genius” who does not learn and knows nothing will eventually be ruined by the petty cleverness of your own self-admiration. You will be the one who suffers, and you will be the one who will be chastised. I wouldn’t be so silly to continue to accompany you into hell and continue to suffer, because you and I are not of the same kind. Do not forget that you are a creation who was cursed by Me, and who is taught and saved by Me. There is nothing in you that I yearn for. No matter when I work, I am not subject to the manipulation of any people, events, or things. It can be said that My attitude toward and view of mankind has always remained the same. I don’t have any favor toward you because you are an adjunct in My management; you certainly do not have greater strengths than anything else. I advise you to always remember that you are nothing more than a creation! Although you live with Me, you should know your status and not see yourself too highly. Even if I don’t criticize you or deal with you, and I face you with a smile, this does not prove that you and I are of the same kind. You should know that you are seeking the truth, you yourself are not the truth! You must change according to My words at any time—you cannot escape this. I advise you to learn something while you are in the midst of these wonderful times, while this rare opportunity is here, and do not try to fool Me. You need not employ flattery to deceive Me. Your seeking of Me is not all for Myself—it is for you!

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