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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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201 Awakening of a Yes-Man

1 I used to be a yes-man, pursuing Satan’s life philosophies, valuing peace and forbearance above all and never arguing with anyone. When doing things or interacting with others, I protected my vanity, self-regard and status. I closed my eyes to the truth, and I wouldn’t say what I saw so clearly. If something didn’t involve me, then I gave up my principles and looked the other way. I protected myself, I betrayed my own conscience so as not to displease anyone. I resigned myself to adversity, I lived an ignoble life and lost my humanity. Without character or dignity, I was unworthy to be a human.

2 Experiencing the judgment of God’s words, I awoke all at once. Understanding the truth, I clearly saw the truth of mankind’s wickedness and corruption. I fell before God and felt such remorse in my heart. I hated how corrupt I was and that I’d lost my conscience and reason. I was a yes-man who acted without principle; truly, I was a hypocrite. I was slippery and deceitful, I thought myself clever, and I ruined my own life. It was the judgment of God’s words that finally awakened my heart. I wish to be an honest person, and I wish to be judged and cleansed. I wish to seek the truth in all things and act with principle. I wish to cast off my corruption, practice the truth, and live in the light. I wish to follow God’s way and practice fearing God and shunning evil. I’ll perform my duty faithfully and live out a true human likeness to glorify God.

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