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949 By Being Slipshod, You Are Not Performing Your Duty

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949 By Being Slipshod, You Are Not Performing Your Duty

1 Simply going through the motions when performing your duty is a major taboo. If you keep acting along these lines, you will not be able to perform your duty adequately. You must put your heart into it! This opportunity was very difficult for you to come by! When God gives you a chance, and you do not grasp it, then that opportunity is lost. If, later on, you want to find another chance to perform your duty, you will not have an easy time of it; indeed, such an opportunity might not come up. God’s work waits for no one, nor does the chance to perform one’s duty. Not very many opportunities come along, so you must take hold of them.

2 Some people are not that conscientious in fulfilling their duties. They do everything in a very confused manner, turning a blind eye to whatever they do; they are not at all conscientious in their work. If they are made to do something, then put in a bit of effort; if someone is around to check to see if their work is up to par, then they do a slightly better job, but if no one is around to check, they slack off a bit, and assume that no one will notice. Over time, others will be able to discern them and see right through them. They have completely discarded all dignity and integrity. If no one can trust these people, then how can God? Such people are not trustworthy.

3 If you always just go through the motions when doing your duty, if you always are deceptive before God, then you are in great danger! What are the consequences of being knowingly deceitful? In the short term, you will have a corrupt disposition, commit frequent transgressions but fail to repent, and not know how to put the truth into practice, nor will you put it into practice. In the long term, you will always do such things; you might not make any major mistakes, but you will never stop making small mistakes. In the end, the consequences of such behavior cannot be remedied, and your outcome will be gone!

Adapted from “Entry Into Life Must Start From Fulfilling Your Duty”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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