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500 Carry the Holy Spirit’s Work Into Your Entry

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500 Carry the Holy Spirit’s Work Into Your Entry

1 When you receive the work of the Holy Spirit, you ought to more so focus on your entry at the same time, seeing exactly what is the work of the Holy Spirit and what is your entry, as well as incorporating the work of the Holy Spirit into your entry, so that you may be better perfected by Him and allow the substance of the Holy Spirit’s work to be wrought in you. During the course of your experience of the Holy Spirit’s work, you come to know the Holy Spirit, as well as yourselves, and amidst the numerous instances of extreme suffering, you develop a normal relationship with God, and the relationship between you and God grows closer day by day. After countless instances of pruning and refinement, you develop a true love for God.

2 That is why you must realize that suffering, smiting, and tribulations are not daunting; what is frightening is having only the work of the Holy Spirit but not your entry. When the day comes that the work of God is finished, you will have labored for nothing; though you experienced the work of God, you will not have come to know the Holy Spirit or have had your own entry. The enlightenment of man by the Holy Spirit is not to sustain the passion of man; it is to open up a way out for the entry of man, as well as to allow man to come to know the Holy Spirit, and from that develop a heart of reverence and adoration for God.

Adapted from “Work and Entry (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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